The all-new Range Rover is available for pre-order with a 3.0T 4.4T

Recently, it has been revealed that the new generation of Range Rover is open for pre-sale, the first version with a 4.4T V8 engine, the pre-sale price of 2,518,800 yuan;The model extended version, equipped with a 3.0-ton in-line six-cylinder engine, is priced at 2.0988 million yuan and will be officially launched at the Beijing Auto Show, which opens on April 21.Last October, the new Range Rover was unveiled, based on land Rover’S MLA-Flex luxury electrification architecture, as well as the standard wheelbase and long wheelbase versions.However, in terms of the appearance of the new car, the new car adopts the “new modern luxury” design concept of land Rover family, which not only has a flatter design style, but also has a smoother appearance than the current model, which can be said to be greatly changed from the Range Rover currently on sale.In terms of appearance, while the new Range Rover’s front end remains the same as the current Range Rover, both dimensions, proportions and details have been changed to create a cleaner, more technologically modern look.Although the new Range Rover has a standard wheelbase of 5052x2047x1870 mm and a model extended wheelbase of 2997mm;5252x2047x1870 mm, 3197 mm wheelbase, huge.However, thanks to the smooth body lines, the wind resistance coefficient of the new car is only 0.3Cd.The rear part of the car changes especially obvious, taillights adopt vertical shape, and connected with the black decorative plate through the rear door, the overall effect is simple, sci-fi.As for the interior design, the new Range Rover still adopts the design concept of screen first, button second, largely eliminates the physical button, uses the touch operation mode.On closer inspection, however, it is hard to say that the design is not lazy in this respect, as it is similar to the existing JAGUAR XFL.In terms of power, the first version of the all-new Range Rover will be powered by a 4.4-ton twin-turbocharged V8 engine with 530 horsepower and 750 nm of peak torque.The fastest 100km acceleration time is 4.7 seconds.The model extended model is powered by a 3.0T twin-supercharged engine with a 48-volt light blend system, delivering a maximum output of 400 HP, a peak torque of 550 N · m and a 100km acceleration time of 5.9 seconds.For such a large executive SUV, such performance can be said to be quite surging.Last but not least: The Range Rover is currently land Rover’s top luxury SUV, with the most sophisticated design, power and luxury of all time.Before the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, there was even a luxury SUV ceiling.Therefore, for such a heavy model so bold upgrade, is also a very radical approach.Now that the new car is available for pre-sale, I wonder if you would like a new generation Range Rover with a starting price of more than $2 million. Please give us your opinion.

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