Self-test products for COVID-19 antigen can be purchased online, and the results will be tested at home within 15 minutes

COVID-19 antigen self-testing products can be bought online for the picture yunnan Network news (reporter Peng Xi) COVID-19 antigen test can be at home self-testing!According to the newly released Novel Coronavirus Antigen Detection Application Protocol (Trial) (hereinafter referred to as the “Protocol”), community residents can buy their own antigen detection reagents for self-testing. The SFDA has approved the marketing of relevant products recently.On March 13, a reporter found that a self-testing product for COVID-19 antigen was already online when he bought medicine at Meituan.After logging in to the Meituan App or Meituan Takeout App and entering the drug buying channel, users can make purchases on the page, search for “COVID-19 antigen self-test” or click the “COVID-19 self-test” section of The Meituan drug buying channel to find related products.According to the “plan”, three groups of people are mainly suitable for the antigen test: those who visit primary medical institutions and have symptoms such as respiratory tract and fever within 5 days of onset of symptoms;Quarantine observation personnel, including persons in home quarantine observation, close contact and sub-close contact, entry quarantine observation, sealed area and controlled area;Community residents with a need for antigen self-testing.It is also clear in the “plan” that community residents who need self-testing can purchase antigen testing reagents for self-testing through retail pharmacies, online sales platforms and other channels.According to the purchase page of Meituan, the product is novel Coronavirus antigen test kit, which will be delivered on March 20th after reservation purchase. Users can take home self-test according to the product manual, and the results can be observed within 15-20 minutes.From March 13, users can make an appointment to purchase related products through pharmacies that deliver products nationwide on The Meituan Pharmacy channel, and the stores will deliver products for users by express delivery from March 20.At the same time, Meituan Pharmacy has teamed up with many chain pharmacies, such as Common people’s Pharmacy, National Pharmacy, Gaoji Medical Treatment, Haiwang Stars, Dasanlin Pharmacy, Quanyuan Pharmacy, etc. It is expected that the self-test products of COVID-19 antigen will be put on the shelves simultaneously with offline pharmacies within a week, and jointly provide users with 30-minute door-to-door delivery service.”We hope to make it easier for users to purchase and use COVID-19 antigen kits.”The person in charge said, will continue to actively coordinate product supply, with all forces to better guarantee the online and sales of related products, jointly protect everyone’s healthy life.

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