Pores are betrayers of age. Five habits create zero pores

Today’s technology means you can easily pick up a smartphone and take a selfie with a few of your closest friends.Imagine when we are young infants had white slippery zero pore muscle, however, once have hit puberty, the accumulation of cosmetics and skin cell aging, caused by a variety of large and small skin problems gradually emerge, particularly with big pores of common, without proper maintenance more will make the problem persists, or even worse.The formation of coarse pores is caused by free radicals attacking cells and slowing down the metabolic rate of cells. The accumulation of aged keratin thickens the cuticle, and the pores are blocked by sebum and aged keratin due to improper cleaning. When it contacts with the outside air, it oxidizes and then forms blackheads.So many women who suffer from large pores also suffer from blackheads.In addition, with the growth of age, the metabolism will slow down, greatly weakening the regeneration ability of cells, skin will gradually aging, collagen and elastic fiber begin to reduce, not enough to maintain the elasticity and support of skin, derived sagging aging pores.Pores are easy to betray the traitor of age, more need good care.However, there are some common mistakes in daily life that turn out to be more and more serious pores!Note 5 to form the habits of the pore is bulky Wash a face with warm water to open pores clean will wash a face with warm water, many women think can help deeply clean and closed pores, but it is a very sensitive skin cells, high temperature can accelerate skin moisture loss, and the skin will become dry, for lack of water may even increase sebum secretion;When oil, horniness and other dirt enter the pores together, it can cause more blackheads and make the pores become bigger and bigger.Clean face, grind arenaceous too frequent some people can hold “the occurrence of skin problem all blame cleanness not thoroughly enough” wrong cognition, often go out to rub facial skin as much as possible when clean face, use grind arenaceous product diligently every day, to seek to achieve the effect that sends deep cleanness.However, clean face process exert oneself to do STH excessively, can overcompensate in fact, abrade the skin that does not have cutin to protect instead, your skin cell barrier is damaged, the harm that causes to skin is bigger.Improper way to deal with dark sores, blackheads, acne believe that a lot of people are very hate dark sores, blackheads, acne, will always be unable to help their own hand squeeze means or use blackhead pliers and other tools in an attempt to eliminate these eyesore existence.However, in fact, forced hand extrusion or improper use of other tools will destroy the health of the skin cuticle, plus hidden in the hands of the surface or tools on the bacteria, more easy to make pore inflammation, cause secondary infection, make pore coarse problems aggravate, zero pore skin from us more and more far!There are always one or two friends around because they are lazy to remove makeup and only put on sunscreen and go out every day, but do you really think that without makeup, only put on sunscreen, just wash your face?It is no matter chemical sex basks in bask in and physical reason bask in, need to undertake discharge makeup program ability truly cleanness actually likewise, bask in the contaminant in product, air and skin fat bilge for a long time to remain in pore, pore can become bulky likewise.There are many tender skin products that close pores on the market, such as shrinkage water, essence, facial mask, etc. Many women troubled by the problem of coarse pores usually choose to buy such products, hoping that they can help reach the effect of closing pores.Use these products only actually, and do not face up to skin problem, it is cure symptom not cure root cause.The cellular health of skin bottom and pore condition are closely related, if try to achieve ideal result with different tender skin product blindly, very big chance just is increasing skin burden, even if effective also can maintain only one to two weeks.

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