Difficult “thin” workers, how to eat three meals a day?

It has been 2 weeks since we started working, are we still used to it?Did the debt reducing weight that owes during Chinese New Year begin to return?The New Year’s weight loss flag is not to fall.However, there are many things that make office workers uncomfortable, one of which is the difficulty of losing weight.The stress of work and life is so pervasive that it’s even harder to lose weight.In fact, office workers want to lose weight is not difficult, and eat spicy drink can still thin.First of all, we need to adjust the diet systematically, learn to relax and relax properly between self-discipline, and gradually develop a thin constitution, after eating what is no longer a big burden of weight.So how can you make workers eat happily and lose weight successfully?The first step should use namely “long-term creed” thinking treats thin body, because brush weight quickly very likely disarrange life rhythm, when pressure is too big cannot adjust timely, give up, answer fat circumstance is very much in, and no matter be suddenly thin or suddenly fat can have far-reaching effect to health.Once you have the right perception and awareness of weight loss, the second thing you need to do is start eating!Eat less move to accomplish more, the job is busy rise also did not eat a few rice, why weight does not fall to increase instead?Because sit on the station for a long time, it is the big BUG of working person reduce weight, over time develop “overwork fat”.The most direct result of sitting too long is a decrease in basic metabolism, burning too few calories, and ultimately leading to fat hoarding.Not only lead to low basic metabolism, sedentary back pain is also a “complication”.We all know that being in a fixed position for a long time can cause your muscles to stiffen, and when you don’t exercise enough, they become weak and unable to provide support, which can exacerbate pain and make you look flabby and fat.Skipping meals is the norm for many of us because of our busy work schedules, but this habit is particularly prone to “reward overeating”.When stress is high, cortisol levels spike, which increases appetite, and insulin receptors work less efficiently, allowing the body to store sugar as fat around the abdomen, which is why the belly is often the hardest to lose.From the perspective of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, overhunger and overeating can cause spleen deficiency, and digestive function will be greatly affected.In addition to indigestion, your body will look bloated and your face will look sallow.Therefore, the task of changing the constitution of “overworked fat” is imminent.First of all, three meals on working days should be fixed and fixed as much as possible, and work arrangement should be reasonable and orderly to improve concentration and efficiency.Conscious change and improvement will have a positive impact on both your health and your performance at work.Take the initiative to quit overeating, strictly follow the diet of low fat low quantity of heat, supposedly should be able to lose weight quickly, but the reality is not so.Although the data advocate weight to be in 120 catty control static worker, daily caloric intake does not exceed 1800 calories, but from this value is too low, the body will automatically reduce the basic metabolic rate to maintain “livelihood”, will be very “difficult thin”, still can burn muscle at the same time energy source, is not to let us look at fat fat.Abnormal basic metabolism is only the initial effect, followed by endocrine disorders, physical fatigue, skin roughness, hair loss, abnormal physiological cycle, not only will make people become ugly, but also for health problems.Mouth often lack of sleep, basal metabolism Check List are easy to feel tired mouth is not easy to wake up in the morning and not easy to sleep at night mouth, hands and feet cold mouth habitual constipation often mouth but belly prominent mouth lower body weight standard easy oedema mouth after the hot weather, sports sweat less activity, tired skin bleak mouth mouth while move often neck sore mouth while eating is not much,Your weight continues to fluctuate. Your mouth, appetite and menstruation are not good * If you have five or more of these conditions, you need to start improving your BASAL metabolic rate.Therefore, in the process of weight loss, do not take extreme measures because of the short-term can not see the number changes, the network to see the rapid drop the scale, advocating diet bloggers please do not believe, and turn against the report.In the daily diet, the real “less” should be the sample 3:1. The less oil: high fat diet will not only cause obesity, will also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, three meals a day, although not completely don’t eat oil, but try to choose less boiled, stir-fried, cooking and salad oil way of cooking, avoiding excessive Fried, Fried food.Recent topic high degree of “Mediterranean” of the food is in line with the health requirements, seafood, poultry, and fruits and vegetables, with belong to the unsaturated fatty acids in the vegetable oil simple cooking, eat the food flavor, but also can absorb a lot of important vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and fatty acids, is helpful to physical and mental health, is suitable for the working group pressure.2. Less salt: Modern diets are rich in seasoning, but salt is everywhere.Too much sodium increases the risk of high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, heart disease and stroke. In the short term, it can lead to abnormal osmotic pressure balance of cells, causing water retention in the body, causing edema and making people fatter, so the lighter the taste, the lighter the person.Although “heavy” mouth is difficult to adjust, but the younger the better adjustment, the reason is that with age will also deteriorate taste, when food becomes tasteless and increase the amount of seasonings, salt intake will exceed the standard, but the deterioration of metabolic energy, the health risk will be greatly increased.3. Less sugar: the relationship between sugar and health should be very conceptual, intake is more fat, the second is worse skin, but also cause metabolic abnormalities, and affect oral health.Instead of having a drink with your afternoon tea, drink lots of water to dilute the taste of food in your mouth, which will not only suppress your appetite, but also keep you healthy.If you take three meals a day for your own survival, you will be too thin to enjoy, and too thin to stick to;At the same time, calories should be evenly distributed throughout the day to avoid excessive fluctuations in blood sugar levels that can cause hunger pangs.Begin from 8 o ‘clock in the morning, we arranged for you the eat drink guide of 3 period of time in the middle of a day, serve as reference of train of thought of thin diet, do not need to hold class by the table, believe thin you also can find the food collocation inspiration that suits oneself among them.Breakfast options: Protein/convenient carbs/smoothies/sugar-free soy milk, coffee A morning glass of lemonade is a favorite beauty secret of many supermodels, which is not only skin-friendly, but also contributes to weight loss.Citric acid in lemon has the effect of preventing blood sugar from rising, but also can decompose lactic acid, eliminate fatigue;The sugars and fats in food also become easier to convert into energy and burn, both improving blood circulation and metabolic energy.However, brewing lemon water in the morning or try to warm the best, can help intestinal peristalsis, promote environmental protection, constipation, edema will be slowly improved;Having a warm drink after waking up can also improve circulation and help with cold hands and feet.Start your day in the morning so that you can satisfy your energy needs and not be distracted by hunger.Morning is the best time for human body to absorb nutrition, so a lot of intake of cellulose, vitamins, protein, with reasonable carbon and water can be called “effective breakfast”.Easy to make bread with raw vegetables, eggs and meat is a good choice, but switching to multigrain bread is better for your health if you like it.At the same time, you need to pay attention to the taste and ratio of sauce salt, currently on the market can buy low sugar without starch tomato sauce, look carefully, to provide yourself with a better choice.Chinese pies are not completely inedible, but because of the way they are cooked, they are usually oily and ideal if you can make them yourself at home in a low oil or air fryer. The crust and filling can also be adjusted.But really time does not allow, stalls or canteen that is more prone to fried way to make quickly, do not eat too many times a week.(Athletes consume so much energy that they can eat almost anything they want.)After eating the pie, breakfast can not be finished, because the core ingredient of the pie is refined starch, so many key nutrients are missing, and a boiled egg to balance, about half an hour later, a cup of “more fruits and less fruit” fruit juice, a whole morning of vitality.Why to say juice of fruit vegetable is drunk again after half an hour, and be even “vegetable much fruit is little” just go?Just wake up from sleep in the body is still warm, a cup of cold fruit and vegetable juice will stimulate blood vessels and visceral contraction, gastrointestinal discomfort;What’s more, the sugar in fruit can send blood sugar soaring, causing confusion.Soon after the rapid rise, blood sugar will become a rapid drop, at this time the hunger increases and it is easy to overeat, so it is necessary to have more vegetables than fruits, to stabilize blood sugar at the same time, the fiber in vegetables can also alleviate gastric acid.12:00 AM Easy to thin lunch options: less oil/low salt/protein/vegetables/appropriate amount of carbon/prototype starch canteen pie many units have canteen meals, the choice of dishes is also varied, but the “bright oil and starchy” canteen dishes to eat low-fat meals also have certain skills.In the meal plate, the first must satisfy the amount of more than 2 kinds of vegetarian dishes, preferably accounting for 1/2 of the whole lunch, followed by 1/4 of the prototype meat (try not to eat processed products), in the way of cooking, they had better be light based.The last quarter is for staple foods. If there is a prototypical starch option like steamed sweet potatoes, potatoes or corn, it is best to eat some of it, but only white rice should be eaten to feel full, but the amount should be reduced accordingly.It should be noted that in Chinese stir-fry, “potato” is also classified as a dish, so when ordering fried potato slices, potato chips and other dishes, we should also pay attention to the reduction of staple food, to avoid adding carbon.(western food also have carbon and carbon minefield to avoid a avoid) canteen meal almost has the characteristics of high oil more salt, water rinse oil can reduce some heavy effect, easy to practice can be the first foretaste of plain, starting from the second mouth rinse water, can both meet the first oral, avoid excess intake, after such strict with some more easily able to persevere.In addition, the canteen will also have dumplings, baozi and other traditional food with meat and starch, the way of boiling and steaming also give them a refreshing character.However, too little fiber, starch content is too high they can not be ignored shortcomings, as a meal, with vegetables and fruits will be more balanced.Take away the salad that party is raw and cold does not satisfy Oriental stomach without method, want to eat dish more, still can choose malatang very hot, want to see intuitive thin body effect nevertheless, a few big threshold must cross: 1.Choose clear soup with less oil, and definitely do not drink soup. 2. Do not eat processed intestines, only eat prototype food, fat cattle and sheep can strip off part of the grease.Bean products are also a good source of protein, but avoid fried bean curd, bean skin and other need to pay attention to is that the general hot pot, malatang soup base already contains more salt and oil, so dip sauce to eat less, otherwise the result will be reflected in edema and body fat.It is true that the clear soup does not taste, fresh pepper circle, green onion, coriander to enhance the flavor, will be much better than the high oil and salt sauce.Another tasty and lean lunch option is the shrimp wonton, which is high in protein, has a lower percentage of pork fat and has a much lower starch content than noodles, buns and dumplings.The problem with chicken soup shrimp wonton and dry-tossed shrimp wonton is that they are low in fiber and high in sodium, so add an extra serving of unseasoned boiled vegetables to balance these out.However, noodles and wonton soup is not a good choice.While it may seem like a clear soup, noodles and wonton skins are both refined starches, and eating them quickly raises the glycemic index, making the afternoon even more groggy.7:00 PM easy to thin dinner options: small burden/satiety/satisfy the mouth desire to work hard all day in a dinner after the relief, so many people will choose to eat at dinner time, easy to cause poor metabolism, sleep quality will be greatly affected, over time will and thin insulation.In order to eat healthily and thin, it is especially important to choose the right food and method of eating.When you have time to rest, you can go to buy food materials to prepare the quick dinner for work day. Cooking at home is clean and hygienic, and you can control oil and salt. The dishes are meaty enough and the staple food is less, which makes you feel full and healthy and delicious.In addition to some leafy vegetables, high-quality protein to eat more, carbon intake can also control their own.For example, replace plain rice with coarse grains such as sweet potatoes and corn, or reduce the amount of rice in fried rice and replace it with cabbage seeds, which taste just as good.Add eggs and shrimp for a perfect source of protein, making a meal so easy to fix.If disaffection oneself boil too tired, think to solve dinner outside occasionally, Italian arrange, Japanese arrange is very good thin body choice.Pasta has the lowest glycemic index of all refined grains, with 71g of high-quality carbon and 14g of protein per 100g. It’s also packed with insoluble fibre and is filling enough to keep you awake at night.Japanese material is the choice of how much oil and low salt, and mostly seafood, chicken, are low fat content and rich in high-quality protein ingredients.However, it is necessary to pay attention to raw and cold food should not be eaten more, as far as possible to give priority to cooked food, avoid gastrointestinal discomfort and other situations, disrupt the healthy pace of the body, but adverse to weight loss.Kick the habit of jumping back and forth between dieting and overeating by changing your eating plan this weekend.Scientific diet + self-discipline execution, first develop a good habit of easy to thin, do a healthy and beautiful workers is not difficult.

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