Related to the development of logistics industry, jiading this neighborhood planning adjustment

The specific scope of the D1 neighborhood involved in the adjustment: East to Boyuan Road, south to East Ring Road, west to Xiangjiang Road, north to Boyuan Road, with a land area of about 30.37 hectares.Local adjustment Background The original plan for D1 Neighbourhood was completed in 2008 and approved by “Jiafu [2008] No. 193” in the same year.This planning combined with the upper planning requirements and the landing needs of recent key industrial projects, the relevant content of D1 neighborhood planning was adjusted and optimized.Local adjustment Contents 1, D1-2 and D1-3 land use properties are adjusted to other land for construction purposes. Meanwhile, due to fine-tuning of land boundary, the numbers of land use are updated to D1-10 and D1-11.2. Plot D1-1 is divided into two plots D1-8 and D1-9: Plot D1-8 is reserved for common storage land with a land area of 23,264 square meters;Plot D1-9 is a class I planned industrial land with a land area of 25,514 square meters, plot ratio of 2.0 and building height of 30 meters.3. Fine-tune the plot boundaries of d1-5, D1-6 and D1-7 public green Spaces, update the plot numbers as D1-12, D1-13 and D1-14, and assign the water area within the planning scope to the plot attributes, and the corresponding plot number of the water area is D1-15.Correspondent: Jia Xiaogui Editor: Xu Yiqian

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