(Month) Penny’s February 2022 horoscope

Penny Thornton, a famous British astrologer, was a close friend of Princess Diana during her youth and was the official astrologer, who “accompanied Princess Diana through her most difficult times” and has published books on the matter.The main style is event guidance.Reprint please indicate star Translator and translator’s footsteps.Whatever temporary situations you encounter in January, they are there for a purpose: to stop you until the right time.If you start too early, you may be unaware of the flaws and flaws in your plans.Some projects won’t stand the test of time, and some people aren’t worth your effort and loyalty.It’s time to acknowledge that people deserve what they deserve, and to realize that there’s no need to spend good money on bad things.You may not be too excited about what you discover in February, but by the end of May, you’ll be especially happy that everything is working out.The sun is high above the zenith, so your future is in the spotlight.You may discover that you’re so valuable that a promotion or a new position is on the way, or you may realize that nothing lasts forever, even the ones you signed up for.Saturn holds the whip hand, and if something doesn’t fit the bill, it must be overhauled or relegated to the dustbin of history.February is the month of realization and reckoning.What the planets are encouraging you to do is to take the long view for the satisfaction you are seeking.Comfort zones are not for bulls on the move.If you are heading out of your territory, whether for business or pleasure, you are in sync with your horoscope.This is very much a boarding month.This is also a month when mastering distance and perspective will allow you to solve problems that have been on your mind for some time.Some things can fix themselves without your help, and even if you prefer another outcome, that outcome is the right one in the long run.With Jupiter in your house of self-esteem for the next few months, opportunities to find success and happiness will come in the air.You can afford a little frustration right now.Now that Venus has completed her retrograde journey, one or more mysteries that have been involved with a particular relationship will be resolved.You may have to wait until mid-March to be completely out of the woods, but you’ll make progress in February.This message also applies to other aspects of your existence in the world.It’s not always easy to trust the process, but as you’ll find out in 2022, the more freedom you give people, the more precisely their output matches your needs.The full moon on May 16 could mark a settlement or some sort of financial push.Love, love, love.All you need is love.And since the moon is in Leo on Valentine’s Day, the day will probably go down in the memory books.Even if you don’t have the slightest interest in romance, this day can still provide a lot of help in important emotional interactions.For once, you need to step back and allow someone else to take the lead.Then people will blossom into their true colors and you will be satisfied knowing that they did it all on their own.The first week of February can be tough, and not everything you hope will blossom, but those that do survive will prove to be valuable and lasting.Once you’re ready for the grind of February, you’ll find that it’s mostly fun and productive.However, the beginning of the month is not so interesting.Saturn is in charge with his heavy lead boots, and that is always accompanied by status quo verification and difficult moments.After nearly two years of restructuring your life and dreams — sometimes with success, sometimes not so much — you may need to make further adjustments.The trick is to let go of your dependence on the outcome: once you do that, everything goes back to normal.A Saturn bass kicks off the month — the perfect opening for getting your affairs in order, deciding where to put your time and energy and what needs to be phased out.It may be necessary to cancel or delay starting a business, or something else may hinder your ambitions and desires, but in the great stream of time you will benefit from such developments.In contrast, some Libras will make long-term commitments and solid supporting plans for the future.That’s what Saturn smells like: planting seeds in fertile soil with the certainty that they will yield a bumper harvest.The events of the last month have probably given you a lot to think about, which is why you’ll be redeploying and rebooting during the first week of February.It’s also possible that you’ve been waiting to see if your efforts have been successful or if a relationship is alive or dead.The answer will come in the first two months, or it will be obvious what the situation is.The week of the 14th brings closure and relief, and it’s the perfect time to make a radical change in your home or career.You can be sure that by the end of the month your mind will be in a different place.This may not be the happiest month of 2022.You have to roll up your sleeves and get a few facts straight.It’s not that you have to give up on your dreams, just make them more attainable.It’s time to talk about money and the future, and that requires honesty and pragmatism.Even a romantic relationship may require some serious thinking. Maybe the connection isn’t quite what it was meant to be. Maybe it’s time to put a ring on it!Travel is also one of the themes, although this may refer to an interesting journey based on knowledge and experience.With Mars in your chart, you are feisty and fearless.This is a good thing, because the bolder you are, the better.People respond to strong messages, so whether you’re looking for a promotion, a big deal or a crush, be brave and direct.Life is short.You don’t have time to waste on people and things that aren’t right.Venus is now going straight again and preparing for its third conjunction with Pluto in early March, so something about love or money still has to go its way.Keep your options open until then.January’s slow walking and confusion is a thing of the past.Answers are available and decisions can be made, most of which are the result of events that happened in week 1.It’s not a particularly buoyant month, but even so you have an important romantic moment to celebrate.This is partly because of the weather of The Times, but it’s also because you’re more serious about where you want to go and who you want to go with.The full moon on The 16th ends a cycle that began in early August last year.A project or partnership has ended, or you’re ready to take it to the next level.Take your time, Pisces.There’s no need to dive into anything, even if you now realize what you want (or who you want).The sun will lurk in your twelfth house of shadows until the 18th, and after that, you should be winning big!Caution is not an option in the coming months;In both your career and your personal ambitions, the risk is as good as the outcome — and The 18th is a case in point: good things can emerge from chance encounters or impulsive actions.

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