Fude Life Insurance innovation “Acceleration” 30 seconds to complete the “video underwriting”

“Soon, soon enough, it was over.”Recently, Mr. Hu from Chongqing in Fude life insurance video underwriting experience, highly appraised this way.It turned out that Mr. Hu had bought an insurance policy from Fude Life Insurance, but it had to be manually insured because of incorrect information. “It was very troublesome to think that I would have to spend a lot of time to deal with it,” he said.Fulde Life Insurance chongqing branch of the underwriting staff to understand this situation, to Mr. Hu recommended the video underwriting.After Mr. Hu initiates the “video underwriting” through wechat mini program, the auditor will appear on the video interface and ask Mr. Hu about the underwriting matters, and Mr. Hu will answer according to the questions.The whole process went smoothly and took only half a minute.”Thought it would be faster, but not this fast, how sweet!””Mr. Hu exclaimed.It is understood that Fude Life insurance “video underwriting” integration of multiple resources, to create “insurance + underwriting” one-stop service.The service greatly simplifies the underwriting process. The customer only needs to initiate a video via wechat mini program, communicate with the underwriting expert in the air, and submit the required information to complete the underwriting assessment.”Video underwriting” directly hits the “pain points” of many users in the traditional manual underwriting process, breaks the previous mode of relying on letters to collect data, and enrichis the underwriting service mode, making the service more diversified and humanized.”Compared to more than 5 days of traditional verification, video verification greatly improves the effectiveness and generally only takes 2-10 minutes to complete, saving customers valuable time.”Fude life related person in charge of the introduction.It is reported that after the “quick indemnity” and “cloud indemnity” two services, Fude Life insurance again launched “video underwriting”, the application of video technology to the traditional underwriting business, its successful experience for video technology in preservation, contract investigation, claims and other business scenarios rapid application has positive significance.In the future, Fude Life Insurance will continue to use science and technology to empower operation services and improve efficiency, so that customers can experience the speed of science and technology and also feel the temperature of service.

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