Weerlu Street, Bengbu City: fine investigation, elimination of hidden dangers, building safety wall of the jurisdiction

Bengbu in anhui province since the party history learning education to carry out the clam mountain WeiEr Road street community weft in-depth development of the party committee “I does the practical work for the masses” practices, focusing on the “distress sorrow to” problem, normal go deep among the masses and long listening to residents’ opinions and long for residents, with practical action to resolve the difficult matter, the trouble.Scientific prevention and early detection.Recently, grid workers in Weiyi community found several trees in Weier community with withered trunks during their daily inspection. Coupled with the rain and wind weather in autumn and winter, the withered trunks were crumbling. When passing under the trees, it was difficult for residents to pay attention to the situation above their heads, causing great safety risks.Prompt implementation and early settlement.Grid member immediately after the problem was found to report back to the community packages to the leadership, timely contact property within the jurisdiction of the unified repair dry tree trunks, and at the same time to effectively reduce the hidden trouble in security area residents around the masses, the community organization grid members meeting, require all grid member increase grid patrolling, and carry on the omni-directional safety hazard for each grid big screen,Focus on the carpet investigation of dry tree trunks in high altitude, debris accumulation on the eaves at the door of the unit, flying line charging in the corridor, blocking the fire passageway, etc., make a good record, and cooperate with property management and other departments to deal with one by one.Build a strong barrier for safety.Through a full range of investigation activities, effectively reduce the security risks around the masses, the majority of residents have been praised, and to a certain extent, improve the area of residents’ satisfaction and security.Community security is a long-term, comprehensive work, can not be completed overnight, must be unremittingly patient and perseverance to promote the residents of small and large, the work will be done in detail, in order to truly achieve I do practical work for the masses.(Lu Gendi Fu Menglin)

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