King of Glory: Yu Ji successive moves order, one skill is yu Ji rely on

Yu Ji is the “veteran” archer in the pool of glory heroes, famous for its long range range. In the early stage of king of glory, Yu Ji was regarded as the “grindstone of glory against glory”. If you play Yu Ji well, it will be much easier for other shooters to get started.Yu Ji’s three active skills, each of which has the characteristics of a strong shooter.Order of Successive moves of Yu Ji1, a + a + 3 skills + 2 attack skills, LianZhao order “a + 1 + 3 + 2”, tapping his dirt consumption, a skill quickly released, use a skill remote high consumption rivals HP, then join three skills, ran to the target, causing brief vertigo and slow, to strengthen the slowdown after two tapping, matching equipment of guru and endless use, can achieve a second person effect,Then connect the two skills to release all their deceleration control and increase the speed of movement, quickly access the general attack chase away the enemy.2, three skills + general attack + 2, + skills, LianZhao order “3 + a + 2 + 1”, the pursuit of the enemy, three skills to slow down the enemy, use for release after the grand attack bonus to the output to a wave of consumption, fast access two skills, to raise their movement speed at the same time, the contact control speed, concubine sticky person immune to physical damage, tapping again consumption,When you are still alive, release a skill, go to harvest, pay attention to the accuracy of the release of a skill and enemy position prediction.3, 2 + 3 + skills are general attack + a + skills, LianZhao order “2 + 3 + a + 1 + flash”, concubine escape LianZhao when caught, as long as it’s not meet binjii and various ge such high burst damage mage, basically can escape, blink and two skills is concubine skills, leading to knead in hand at any time, don’t release, was caught,The first use of two skills to increase the speed, is constantly approaching the enemy, the use of three skills to slow down, and general attack damage, quickly hit a skill, flash to open the distance, this combination of moves encountered strong control type mage, if you do not want to be a set of seconds, can be a witch.

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