Ancient pet: it is well known throughout the city that since the regent married his wife, the embroidered couch in the royal palace was changed one batch after another

Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article.Recently, many fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian this also feel empathy.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!Today xiaobian to recommend: ancient pet: the city is known, since the regent married his wife, the palace of the embroidery couch is changed a batch of a batch of # refuse book shortage # first book: “Regent pet addiction: Lady lovely, don’t make” author: Ann Step introduction: rebirth, she mingxin smoke to go against the odds to change life, foot on ten thousand bones, hand blade thousands of people.I met my old enemy, crawled into bed and said love words.Into the pit guide: Ming heart smoke abandoned to look at the mix sheng xuan, “you have been entangled with me in this small world, where has experienced fairy war?I want to hear from someone who’s been there.You stay quiet. I want to listen to What Bea says to me.”Ming Sheng Xuan slightly drooping eyes, seems to be very wronged.However, already on the Ming Sheng Xuan a variety of expressions commonplace smoke does not eat this set, but curiously looking at the fox.Sky Fox chuckled. It was the first time she had ever seen such an expression from Zhi Shen Xuan.”In fact, there is nothing exciting, only solemn and stirring.Countless immortals went to war against the alien race.Hundreds of thousands, some of them can’t even be reincarnated, they’re dead on the battlefield.And nine thousand men of the world, both monks and mortals, are not yet qualified to participate in such a battlefield, after all, too weak.So it is the many worlds protected by several powers that make the nine thousand worlds secure.But the fairy and god of the fairy world, but are struggling in the flames of war.Even the spirits in the background, like me and Maranna, had to step up and fight together.Not to mention the other grown-ups.Lord Tang zhou, Lord Yuan Yisheng, and Lord Tang Liufeng are almost the highest layer in addition to Lord Ning, and each of them has to protect 3000 worlds, including the damaged continents around 3000 worlds, and the endless worlds.Much more tired than we are.”Day fox said, both eyes are still with a bit of solemn and stirring and glad.Mingxin smoke to listen to the obsession, even the Ming Sheng xuan are silent.In the sky fox chattering for a long time, even the magic Ann broke her spell did not care about, but the magic Ann this time did not do STH over and over, but obediently become and bi language as a small doll, sitting beside her.It was not until bi finished speaking that He suddenly asked, “Where are the other gods?”The sky Fox smiled sadly. “The strongest of them are the three. The rest of the gods roam the world and fight against other races.Phoenix god phoenix god is more full play, destroy tens of thousands of alien.And the god of emotions…You know, he likes to play the Lord, but between the Lord and the Devil…”Bi yu smiled sadly. She dared not say anything about their relationship, but changed the subject.”At the end of the war, the emotional god who was supposed to be crowned dissipates his supernatural powers, leaving only a few true spirits reincarnated.The other gods also choose to abide by one side, not the throne.Only Tang Zhou, yuan Yisheng and Tang Liufeng were forcibly summoned to seal the throne.Help Lord Ning take over the celestial realm.””Can you leave the celestial world when you are crowned emperor?”Ming Heart smoke suddenly asked.(click the following link to read the novel) second: “office female rebirth: cold feeling report buhaore” author: purple devoted to cold Shang introduction: I, Ye Xijin this office door is female, because pay the wrong people, the emotion were tortured to death, swallowed their anger, this time, she would never repeat, necessary hand blade foe, protect his treasured it all.In the long revenge road, she closed the door of the heart, no longer emotional, did not expect to encounter a cold feeling king, pester him do not put.Into the pit guide: at this time, a person wearing light green clothes hurried in, xu is heard Xijin Ye exclaim, she went to the bedside, looked at Xijin Ye woke up, and the spirit is good, on the face of joy said, “Miss, you finally woke up.You have been sleeping for three days. Do you feel any discomfort now?”Ye Xijin looked at her blankly, “Che er?”Young lady, I am Cheol-er, what is wrong with you?Don’t frighten Che son!”This call che son of the maid anxious round and round, she grabbed The hands of Xijin Ye, at a loss!”What’s wrong with me?Ye Xijin felt her head hurt as if it were about to split.”This……This is because the young lady accidentally fell into the lotus pond and hit her head on a stone, which led to a coma!””Lotus pond?”Ye Xijin thought about it, she is because the prince to hunt, in any case, they also want to see him, but their parents are not allowed, she is encouraged by Xia Xuanlu over the wall, is at that time, accidentally fell into the lotus pool!Later, the whole cloud country people do not know how to know this thing, said that the daughter of the leaf family love prince prince has long, not he does not marry.Thought of here, she suddenly excited, this is the time, is everything just began, he just saw a few prince, the nurse was not sent away, Che son was not sold, her parents, her grandfather are alive, although Xia Xuanlu in his side, but everything is still too late.Could it be that God knows her last life is not willing to, poor her young was brutally killed, so gave her a chance to rebirth, let her try her best to make up for the mistakes committed in the last life?”Quick, give me a mirror!”Ye Xijin couldn’t wait to see what she looked like. When a delicate and beautiful face appeared in the mirror, Ye Xijin couldn’t help but touch her own face, which was still her own original face…Ye Xijin struggled to get out of bed, Che son hurried to stop her, “Miss, you just woke up, the doctor has not come to check, you can’t get down!”Ye Xijin in spite of her objections, determined the out of bed and went to the yard, in front of everything is so familiar with, to, now is nothing has happened before in my life she definitely won’t be fooled by others a few words of rhetoric, a lifetime on what she had done is for the prince should scale, in my life, since rebirth, she will to oneself,Live for the people you love!At this time, a breeze blew in the courtyard, a tree hibiscus petals were blown down, Ye Xijin looked at this beautiful scenery, the face of the heart suddenly bright, she is really a new life, from now on, she will be a new Ye Xijin!At this time, a called xin son maid walked over, “two young lady, Miss Summer come over, to visit you!””Tell her, I am still resting, can not see people, another day to invite her to go with flowers!”Ye Xijin said coldly.That chambermaid leng once, at ordinary times two young lady heard miss Summer to come certainly will be very enthusiastic of her to come in, today this is how?It’s like being a different person!”Miss, Miss Xia has been waiting for a while. Wouldn’t it be a little rude not to see her?”Xin son tentatively asked, if let the summer young lady know what also did not do words, will certainly pick up his skin!Ye Xijin looked at her coldly, the original xin son is Xia Xuanlu arranged in his side of the liner, he did not see before, but also listen to her words, sold the loyal che son, “how do you have questions about my words?”Xin er heard this voice, a little afraid, but she thought ye Xijin did not see prince and angry, so, she did not dare to say more, can only follow ye Xijin’s instructions to answer!Ye Xijin’s nurse just carrying a bowl of soup came over, heard what she said, is also very surprised, said their own young lady and Xia Xuanlu go close after, become more and more willful, did not think today fell down after the head, but fell clear, want to understand, this is really a blessing in disguise ah!”Young lady, how to stand in the yard, carefully with a cool, che son this wench is more and more not sensible!””Said the worried nurse.”Nurse…”After ye Xijin saw the nurse she had not seen for a long time, she was so excited that her tears would flow uncontrollably.Aunt Shen was horrified. “What’s wrong with you? Why are you crying when you’re all right?”Ye Xijin threw herself into aunt Shen’s arms and sobbed, “Nurse, I miss you!””Ouch, I’ve been here the whole time!”Shen aunt holding Ye Xijin, distressed patted her back, who said that two young lady capricious, clearly intimate very.Ye Xijin’s mood slowly calm down, and Shen aunt and Che son back to the room.”Miss Two, I know you may not like to hear this, but I still want to say that Miss Xia is not a good one at first sight. You are the legitimate descendant of the Ye family. She is only born from a concubine.You’d better stay away from him!”Aunt Shen said earnestly.”I know, I was just confused before, will not do it again!”Ye Xijin’s eyes gleamed with hatred.Ye Xijin and Shen aunt, Che son in the room talking, at this time, heard a burst of footsteps, and then hurried into a few people, it is Ye Xijin’s parents and brother Ye Ximing!How do you feel, Keen-er?’I’m all right now!Niang!”When Ye Xijin said this name, tears almost came down.Introduction: Xiao Xi Xi travels back in time and becomes one of the prince’s 4th wives.It was supposed to be the beginning of a court fight, but she just wanted to be a salt fish.Rivalry?It doesn’t exist!Salty fish is the way to survive, mix eat and wait for death is the true meaning of life!But unluckily, gao Lengzi loves her this one.Because of the fight on the first day of school, princess Has left a very strong image in the hearts of the class.Her classmates were afraid of her, a little afraid to associate with her.Little lovely see everyone around Luo Tianbao, and her side is only a brother, her heart unavoidably feel lost.She really wants to make friends, too.After school, she walked back dejectedly.”Why are you unhappy?” little Changsheng asked.”No one wants to play with me.”Small changsheng: “I am not to play with you?”Cutie: “Yes, but not the same.”She wanted to explain, but her vocabulary was so poor that she didn’t know how to put her complicated thoughts into words.When his brother asked what was different, cutie could only repeat the sentence.”It’s just different.”The brother and sister returned to Yunxiu Palace.Xiao Xi Xi just finished a round with Princess Li and Yao Jieyu.No, today’s Li Fei is no longer the emperor concubine, but Li’s wife li Fuyan.Yao Jieyu is no longer Jieyu, her bestie name is Wanfang.After the emperor demobilized harem, Li Fuyan and Yao Wanfang left ziyun nunnery, two people returned to their own home.Through acquaintances to help look at the street, Yao Wanfang married the second son of the minister of rites, has been married for more than two years, life is quite moist, she just diagnosed with pregnancy.Yao Wanfang heart happy, specially into the palace to the queen, just here with Li Fuyan.The queen left them all to play cards and chat.Compared with Yao Wanfang, Li Fuyan’s marriage has many twists and turns.First, her parents asked someone to give her a new look, but the results are not satisfactory, her birth is not a problem, the second marriage is not important, mainly because of the appearance.Now big sheng dynasty is fashionable thin beauty, such as Li Fuyan plump woman, it is hard to be appreciated sincerely.As soon as the men saw how fat she was, their admiration for her went down.The last of them who were willing to marry her were only a few crooked dates.Li Fuyan is not a man to settle for.She had a lot of arguments with her family.In the past she would have had to put up with it, but now she can earn her own money and feel confident that she can support herself without fear even if no one marries her.Her marriage never materialized because of such delay.As she grew older, her family became anxious.But she was not in a hurry, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.See dragon and phoenix fetus back, Li Fuyan and Yao Wanfang immediately rose to greet them.Both changsheng and Cuai had seen them before and knew they were friends of their mother. They greeted them politely.”Aunt Li, aunt Yao.”(Click the link below to read the novel.) That’s all for today’s recommendation, what would you like to say to the editor?Comment in the comments section below the end of this article, xiaobian can see oh, look forward to your comments ~ review of the past highlights:First look looks, her twenty three, and he has over thirty years old, but love “rebirth gone with a space” with a bang her rebirth with fix true space, to the countryside when the educated youth, chief met marriage “I love you, very leisurely” divorce, I when dad “to hide her pregnancy test list, leave with a smile ‘ShengChong cure princess qing world, she’s pregnant belly up graves,Fortunately, space food into mountains!After her rebirth, proficient in medical + space alongside the body, ruffian handsome looks

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