Ancestral master Tong Jincheng, dou Landlord to protect your dream, help the other side to win the championship, the success of trust

I believe that many netizens who often watch outdoor live broadcasting are very familiar with Tong Jincheng, who has the “first deep feeling in the South of the Yangtze River”. The handsome young handsome boy, in the usual live broadcasting, the most admired place is his confidence shown in front of the opposite sex.Although Tong Jincheng in a period of time before the live broadcast, honest himself is just a live to make money beggars, all happened on him by chance events, in fact, are planned in advance of the script, I hope all like his audience, don’t take these things seriously, after all, we watch live the main purpose, is to happy!But many often see ancestors live audience, use of communication in live for him, and all kinds of words are still very identity, when the child on a recent broadcast, inadvertently revealed chat logs, found that he is contact and a sound talent you want to dream, seems to be two people meet in a certain e-sports hotel, after a wave of cross-border interactions,Are looking forward to the arrival of this activity.It was not until the evening of January 27 that we found out that Tong Jincheng was going to fight the landlord with your dream. If Tong Jincheng lost the competition, he would have to dress up as walnut.”Liao sister granddaddy” child on, in another female anchors under the condition of the latter treasure, put all the energy in your dream here, has been active to feed you want to dream, to help her success won the race, and to get her trust, when the child on the lose the game must live up to its promise, he directly to your dream home,Get them to do their makeup and Cosplay!At this time, many audiences think that your dream will certainly refuse the request of Tong Jincheng politely, let him change the place, but your dream is very generous to tong Jincheng put forward the request, let him come to his home for women’s costume.When Tong Jincheng arrived at your dream home, no strangeness, very generous to put on a Cospiay costume, and your dream for a wave of posing, already know that she did not eat tong Jincheng, upstairs before the early check of the nearby food, after the end of posing to invite each other to eat a midnight snack!Although a large number of audiences know that this may be already arranged the script, or to Tong Jincheng in this activity, from the beginning to show confidence admire, blunt: I take!Grandpa dou a landlord, can go to my wife’s house to change clothes!So you think your desire dream almost no hesitation, let Tong Jincheng to their home, is it because they know the other side is also live, there will be no threat to their own, just agreed to his request, or grandfather is really talented in this respect?Welcome to comment in the comments section, thank you!

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