We are in the Bohai Sea on the New Year, will be “black mud” into “black gold” | Spring Festival, we are on duty

Reporter | Hou Ruining edit | 1 year of the tiger, at the beginning of liaodong bay is calm.Lvda 21-2, a crude oil platform in the depths of the Bohai Sea, is busier than usual.This is a red and yellow color of the main “steel ship,” standing in the middle of the blue sea.The platform is covered with hundreds of devices, with pipes, valves and climbing frames everywhere.Qin bin and his colleagues ate dumplings and played games on the platform, and sent New Year’s greetings to relatives and friends from afar via video.Qin Bin is the platform manager of Lvda 21-2 Platform, liaodong Operating Company of Bohai Oilfield of China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC).The platform is the first large-scale heavy oil thermal recovery and development platform in China. It was put into operation in Bohai Sea on September 14, 2020, which officially opened the large-scale thermal recovery of offshore heavy oil in China.The staff of Lvda 21-2 platform opened the valve of the tree and prepared for heat injection.Qin Bin, 35, has been involved in offshore oil and gas exploration for 12 years.Every Spring Festival, more than half of the employees of offshore oil and gas fields need to be on duty at sea.This is qin bin’s sixth Lunar New Year at sea, along with more than 70 colleagues.On the morning of The first day of the lunar New Year, Qin changed his wechat profile picture to a selfie of his wife and five-year-old daughter.Her daughter, wearing a pink sleeveless dress and two pigtails, clasped her hands in a dance pose.Qin bin’s previous wechat profile picture was a photo of his daughter, who was around one year old, smiling and sweet.Qin Bin has been much busier than before since 2019, when he participated in the design, construction, production and operation of Lvda 21-2.Especially after he began thermal mining, he became more busy and did not spend much time with his wife and daughter.”They are getting used to it now and are very supportive of my work.”Qin Bin said.The staff of Lvda 21-2 platform started the boiler, reversed the heat injection process and carried out the heat injection operation.Every morning, he gets up at seven o ‘clock on time and starts the work of the day: holding morning meetings, issuing daily papers, arranging work, conducting on-site inspections, knowing the dynamics of each ship, ensuring the safety of each hoisting, and paying attention to the working conditions of employees.At 6:30 p.m., he holds a small meeting to summarize the day’s gains and losses.Qin bin’s office is also his dormitory, with his desk and bed next to each other.”My wife says my work and life are not separate, and they are.Find and go whenever you want.”On January 29, when a reporter from Jiemian News called Qin Bin, he had just finished heating the B13H well.B13H is a key test well of Lvda 21-2 platform, which is responsible for the integrated test of high temperature injection-production. It plays an important role in improving the thermal recovery effect of heavy oil and reducing production costs.Qin Bin (third from right) makes dumplings with his colleagues on New Year’s Eve.Heavy oil is a kind of crude oil with high viscosity and poor fluidity.According to Qin Bin, the average viscosity of the heavy oil formation in the thermal production area of Lvda 21-2 platform is close to 3,000 mpars, and the oil is as thick and hard as “black mud”. Heating is the best way to make it flow.Such heavy oil is extracted from the formation to the surface and then transported, which requires extremely high requirements for oil production technology, process processing and offshore pipeline transportation. It is considered to be a world-class mining problem, and it is even more difficult to extract heavy oil through seawater.More than half of the billions of tons of proven oil reserves in Bohai oilfield are heavy oil, but less than 1% of its annual production is thermal recovery heavy oil.In 2021, bohai Oilfield will produce 30.132 million tons of crude oil, making it the largest crude oil production base in China.During the same period, bohai oilfield produced 300 thousand tons of thermal recovery heavy oil.Employees of Lvda 21-2 platform wear high temperature protective clothing for heat injection.In order to achieve a technological breakthrough in large-scale thermal recovery of offshore heavy oil, CNOOC has successively carried out experimental thermal recovery of heavy oil in nanpu 35-2 oilfield, Lvda 27-2 oilfield and other pilot test areas.Based on the experience of onshore thermal recovery oil fields, CNOOC needs to focus on solving a series of problems such as narrow space of offshore platforms and lack of fresh water resources.Finally, on the basis of the pilot test area, Lvda 21-2 platform became the first offshore platform in China to adopt the overall development plan of heavy oil thermal recovery, which made up for the “congenital deficiency” in space caused by “cold recovery first and then hot recovery” in the pilot test area.At present, there are two production platforms deployed in Lvda 21-2 oilfield, namely platform A developed through cold production and platform B developed through hot production.Platform B has all applied thermal recovery technology since its construction, and has a large-scale thermal acquisition device specially used for heavy oil exploitation. It shoulders demonstration tasks such as optimization of single thermal recovery technology, integrated and innovative application of systematic thermal recovery technology, and test of new thermal recovery technology.The staff of Lvda 21-2 platform started the boiler, reversed the heat injection process and carried out the heat injection operation.From 2019 to 2020, Qin Bin witnessed the whole process of lvda 21-2 platform from scratch.”The moment the production torch was lit, I couldn’t help crying.”Qin bin recalled.In his view, the moment did not come easily.More importantly, the production and stable operation of 21-2 have given CNOOC the confidence to plan for the future.By the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan, bohai’s production target is 40 million tons.Heavy oil will be an important source of oil growth.In 2022, bohai Oilfield aims to produce 400,000 to 500,000 tons of heavy oil, and 3 million tons in 2025.”To achieve rapid growth in heavy oil production within three years, the operational team needs to keep up with the speed of thermal recovery development in terms of thinking, understanding, technology and management.That is our biggest challenge.”Qin Bin admitted.To improve his management skills, Qin bin recently started rereading on Contradiction.It opened a new way for him to look at “conflict” at work.I used to feel anxious when FACED with problems and conflicts, but now I feel motivated to improve my technology and management.Resolving the contradictions in management and operation will promote the development of the platform.”Qin Bin some gushing, then some embarrassed smile, “I again wang Po sold melon”.Spring Festival activities on lvda 21-2 platform: Writing Spring Festival couplets and pasting “Fu”.In addition to management challenges, there are more external challenges, such as extreme cold waves, storms and thunderstorms and other natural disasters.This gave Qin more respect for the sea, the platform and his work.”Human power is weak in the face of nature.”The longer I work at sea, the less courageous I become and the clearer I realize the importance of protecting the environment while extracting resources from nature, Qin said.When it comes to the fun of the offshore thermal recovery of heavy oil, Qin bin believes that he and his colleagues are doing something that has never been done before, which is “of great value to promoting the thermal recovery of heavy oil in China and even the world”.Heavy oil, ultra-heavy oil, oil sands and bitumen account for about 70% of the world’s total oil resources.China’s offshore heavy oil reserves for thermal recovery currently exceed 580 million tons, which are concentrated in the Bohai Sea.If the thermal recovery of heavy oil in Bohai oilfield can achieve economic and efficient recovery, it will be of great value to heavy oil exploitation in China and the world.This gives Qin and his colleagues great satisfaction and more hope for the future.Qin bin has made three New Year’s resolutions for the New Year.He hopes that lvda 21-2 platform can continue to optimize, and on the basis of realizing safe thermal mining in 2021, it can take another step on the road of efficient thermal mining, economic thermal mining and standard thermal mining.The second plan involves two heavy oil thermal recovery platforms that Cnooc is preparing to build.As the leader of the skill studio, Qin Bin hopes to intervene in the preliminary design and continuously improve the thermal recovery management system and technical standards, so as to serve the thermal recovery heavy oil development in the next three years.”I’m going to have another baby.”Talking about the third New Year’s resolution, Qin laughed over the phone. “Now that the platform is running stably, I finally have the time and energy.”

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