Our Festival Linwei Chengguan set up 42 sacrificial points to facilitate orderly public sacrifice

Qingming Festival is a traditional festival for ancestor worship and tomb sweeping.Recently, Linwei city management careful deployment, actively do a good job during the Qingming Festival epidemic prevention and control and civilized worship service guarantee work, set up 42 sacrificial points in the city, convenient citizens civilized orderly worship.It is understood that during the Qingming Festival this year, from April 3 to April 5 at 7:00 to 10:00 every night, Linwei chengguan law enforcement brigade in the area designated 42 sacrificial points placed iron burning containers, the general public can go to the nearest sacrificial points for sacrifice.At the same time, each sacrificial site to arrange the duty team members to carry out the duty work, guide the citizens civilized and orderly sacrificial.In addition, during the Tomb-sweeping Day, the city on both sides of the main and secondary roads are strictly prohibited to occupy roads, green belts and other stalls to sell sacrificial supplies, along the street funeral supplies shops are strictly prohibited to build shelters and pull rope out of the shop to occupy the road, is strictly prohibited in the street intersection burning paper, firecrackers and other uncivilized sacrificial behavior.The specific sacrificial sites are as follows:Dongfeng avenue and minsheng road cross the southeastern corner of dongfeng avenue and southeast corner of riverside cross chaoyang street and riverside north-west corner t minsheng road and chaoyang street cross lotte street and forward the chaoyang street and south pond road cross victory avenue and lotte minsheng road cross the street and jiefang road cross lotte nutrient-laden flowers and xuanhua road cross street and huashan southeast corner of the street cross nutrient-laden flower roadWith t station southeast corner of north street cross road and railway station south han horse and liberation south road t south jiefang road and station street west road and chaoyang street, north street cross northeast corner corner gold waterway cross and cross chaoyang street southeast Du Hua road and cross journey southwest storehouse and chaoyang chaoyang street corner of minzhu road and cross street cross the north toward the northwest corner of jiefang road and huashan huashan street streetYang avenue and minzhu road cross the west jiefang road and cross chaoyang chaoyang street street forward and forward road cross the east road and nanjing street cross the east jiefang road and people’s t mouth chaoyang street and west street road cross chaoyang street in northeast China and northeast golden waterway cross northeast dongfeng chaoyang street and Du Hua road cross the street and the golden waterway cross northeast dongfeng avenue and Du Hua road cross the northeast dongfeng avenue and warehouseJourney cross dongfeng avenue northwest and northeast of three one’s post to better men cross dongfeng avenue and nutrient-laden qing road cross northeast forward road and nanjing street cross northwest victory avenue and gold waterway cross victory avenue and Du Hua road cross southwest northwest and warehouse northeast lotte journey cross street and west street road cross with golden waterway cross southeast southeast lotte street lotte and six spring street cross the northwest corner of the car and du ray streetHua Road cross northeast corner jiefang road and five road cross

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