“Meet the season” Zhang Lixin why to take their own patented products to help Jane through the difficulties?

This picture is from the network By actors mine better sound, wintenberger e, lay, smile, kyrre, guanhua liang and practise, xiaopin yan, Sun Ningzhu, nai-wen li, Wang Churan joint in metropolis emotion play the meet at the moment is popular, in the updated plot, estimated that many viewers will see zhang as Jane home the door son-in-law.But as Minmin Jane recalls, we’ll see, that’s not the case.So, why should Zhang Lixin take his patented products to help Jane through the difficulties?Is Zhang Lixin Jane’s son-in-law?As the saying goes, “Seeing is believing, hearing is believing.”It’s a phrase that could not be more appropriate in the TV series When I Meet You.Why do you say that?Because many viewers believed Jian minmin’s words, zhang Lixin as Jane’s son-in-law.You know, in our Chinese lexicon, live-in son-in-law is synonymous with “eating soft rice”.But through Jian Minmin’s memories, we will find that Zhang Lixin is not the son-in-law of The Jane family, but the hero of the Jane family.Why is Zhang Lixin the hero of Jane’s family?That is because in those days, if Zhang Lixin had not taken out his patented products to help Jane’s family tide over difficulties, presumably, Jane’s family would have completely declined 20 years ago.So, why Zhang Lixin took his patented products to help the Jian family has become the focus of debate among many viewers.Why did Zhang Lixin take his patented products to help Jane’s family?In the updated episode, we will learn that Zhang lixin was originally jian Zhiguo’s apprentice.After jian Zhiguo was injured, he was able to control the real power of the farm machinery factory because his patented products could help the farm machinery factory get rid of the debt crisis.It has to be said that Zhang Lixin is indeed more capable than Jian Zhiguo.The question is, why did Zhang lixin do this?You know, in real life, when people are in debt crisis, their relatives and friends will choose to stay away.Zhang Lixin has so big ability, why not start his own business alone, must help Jane family to tide over difficulties?In my opinion, There are two reasons why Zhang Lixin did this. One is that he lacks platform and resources, and the other is that he has always been an admirer of Jian Minmin.It is also these two reasons, just let Zhang Lixin choose to help Jane through difficulties.Why is Zhang Lixin an admirer of Jian Minmin?The audience sees Zhang lixin as the son-in-law of Jane’s family, all because of Jian minmin’s evaluation of Zhang Lixin.Ms. Jian has long claimed that Mr. Jian sold his daughter to Mr. Zhang.The question is, is there such a cruel parent in the world?Through Jian minmin’s memories, we will find that Jian Zhiguo was not a confused couple, he is not an ungrateful person.He wanted Jian minmin to marry Zhang Lixin in order to repay his kindness to Jian’s family.In Jian Zhiguo’s view, apprentice Zhang Lixin has been interested in Jian Minmin.And two people are in oneself hurt heavy during be in hospital, experienced so many things together again.Therefore, Jian Zhiguo married his daughter to Zhang Lixin.And the reason Why Jian minmin said he was coerced is just an angry remark.Because in her opinion, his father is too eccentric, he should be Jane home industry to Jian Hongcheng to control.This is the last thing Minmin Can accept.Jian minmin never understood her father’s good intentions.This picture comes from the Internet. I don’t know what you think of the TV series “Meet once in a While”.Welcome to leave your comments.

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