Hu Rongjin guangzhou 100 yong 60 Haizhu District “shuzhu Gang probe plum”, chewing pistils looking for rain, urging red butterfly ash

Shijun for the new mei, even screen bucket rise.Infinite flavor fu, a few simple heart planted.Chew rui xiang rain, urging red butterfly ash.Confucian crown after the disaster, when to stage again.In 1949, Chen Yinke wrote ji Chou Chunyang Observation on Mei Jian and Professor Xian Yuqing. Xian Yuqing also wrote the book.In the spring of 2016, Mr. Gu Guigao invited me to write a poem based on Chen Yinque’s rhymes.Later, Gu Guigao compiled six poems by Chen Yinque, Xian Yuqing (two), Luo Yushan, Gu Guigao and Hu Rongjin into a collection of Pure Yang Views and Explorings of Plum blossoms. He wrote them into a hand scroll and asked Lin Yajie to sign them and Li Yuan to draw plum blossoms.The poem is published in the collection of calligraphy and painting works of liu sifan, Lin yajie and gu guigao (lingnan culture and art publishing house, 2016,5).To explore the plum shuzhu gang, and the original Lingnan painters have become attached to, it is said that there were “plum society” people often come to explore the plum, painting.Suizhugang is near Sun Yat-sen University. It used to be a more elegant place, but now it is commercialized and the external environment is worse.

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