Folk Tale: Wolfman

The story takes place in the Western Jin Dynasty. In Wuwei County, there was a rich businessman named Liu Chengzhi. He was born in a poor family, and after years of struggle, he achieved his current position.After successful in business, Liu Chengzhi will be within a hundred miles of all the doctors all invited, for their husband and wife treatment, finally had a powder carved jade daughter.Liu Chengzhi named her daughter Liu Ru Italy, looking forward to her all the best.From small to large, Liu Chengzhi husband and wife are very love to Liu Ru meaning, holding in the hand afraid of dropping, containing in the mouth afraid of melting, what requirements will be met all, to spoil more spoil.In a twinkling of an eye, Liu Ru yi arrived at the age of sixteen. She was outstanding, versatile, proficient in piano, chess, painting and calligraphy. She was wildly sought after by local young people.Every morning, as soon as liu’s concierge opened the door, there were matchmakers outside. The concierge was shocked.Strange is, in the choice of husband in this matter, Liu Chengzhi husband and wife did not listen to The idea of Liu Ru, they were selected in a crowd of candidates, finally to Liu Ru Italy chose a scholar with both political integrity and ability Bao Qingtian for the husband.Bao Qingtian is good, But Liu Ru meaning never tempted, so distressed.In a dark night, Liu Ru Italy toss and turn from beginning to end unable to fall asleep, after some thinking, she felt that it was better to marry a person he did not like, rather than their own go out, perhaps will meet their hit Mr. Right.Say dry dry, Liu Ru meaning lit candles, leave a letter to parents after the night over the wall out, after dawn, and dressed up out of the city.Running freely in the fields of Liu Ru Italy did not notice, she carried the silver fell into the grass by the roadside.After running tired, Liu Ru Italy came to a market town, at this time, her stomach growled up.Liu Ru Italy came to a noodle shop, let the boss on a bowl of noodles.When she had finished, she reached into her bag for the money.A moment later, Liu Ru yi’s face becomes pale.She ignored the eyes of others to open the bag, found that the silver inside has disappeared, how to find also can not find.Noodle shop boss is a man essence, see this situation, immediately come up to remind Liu Ru meaning, he is not on credit here.Liu Ru meaning touch all over the body, and finally the jade on the waist to face money.After leaving the noodle shop, Liu Ru Italy dejected to walk in the street, just left the home of the excitement gone, her heart is full of loss.Suddenly, Liu Ru meaning pain shout a sound again and again back, she looked up, the original is that he just hit a big man.The man was hit after first a face, see the appearance of Liu Ru meaning and laugh, he let his several men will be surrounded by Liu Ru meaning, and then went up to pick up liu Ru meaning chin, let her apologize to yourself.Liu Ru Italy repeatedly back, mouth kept saying the words of apology.That man see Liu Ru meaning so clever, instant laugh.He gave his own several men made a wink, that several people immediately understood, surrounded by Liu Ru meaning walked toward an alley.Liu Ru Italy seems to realize what will happen next, began to struggle up violently but in vain.At this moment, a strong young man stepped in and blocked the way.That man see someone bad his good thing, instant rage, lead under hand to clean up that young man.The man clenched his fist, just a few breaths will surround liuru Italy several people down, and then pull Liuru Italy ran away.To the outside of the town, the man released Liu Ru yi’s hand, liu Ru yi showed his identity, originally, he is a hunter Bie Of the mountain Wan Yunyang, was about to go to the city to find a job, saw Liu Ru yi was mollyfied by several hobos, immediately help Liu Ru yi solution.Liu Ru meaning suddenly realized, she asked Wan Yun Yang would you like to work in your house, Wan Yun Yang readily agreed.Before long, Wan Yunyang and Liu Ru yi returned to liu home, Liu Chengzhi saw her daughter came back overjoyed, immediately said he would not force Liu Ru yi to marry.Then, Wan Yunyang took root in liufu, he soon showed his extraordinary talent, the whole Liufu in good order.More importantly, Liu Chengzhi secretly observed after the discovery, Wan Yunyang see Liu Ru Italy’s eyes are always full of tenderness, which makes him think his daughter’s marriage is secure.One day, Liu chengzhi called Wan Yunyang in front of him and asked him if he was interested in marrying his daughter. Wan Yunyang nodded without hesitation.Liu Chengzhi soon gave Liu Ru meaning and Wan Yunyang held a wedding, just as everyone is happy, there is a personal frown.He is before liu Ru Italy did not marry into the Bao Qingtian, heard that Liu Ru Italy married a servant in the house, Bao Qingtian all day scowling, how he also can not understand, how can he not as good as a servant.Bao Lao Liu, his elder brother, saw his younger brother so depressed that he decided to take his brother’s breath away.In a dark and windy night, bao Lao six people ambush in the way of Wan Yunyang, such as Wan Yunyang passing by when he hit the club.Wan Yunyang caught off guard was hit repeatedly retreat.At this time, Wan Yunyang body was suddenly covered with Wolf hair, hands also grow claws, he roared toward the package old six and others rushed past, not long will be a gang down on the ground.Later, bao six never find trouble, he told Bao Qingtian, Liu Ru meaning is doomed to miss him, let him give up the idea as soon as possible.Years later, Liu Ru meaning at the moment of crisis, ask Wan Yunyang can have what you want to tell yourself.Wan Yunyang silence for a while after that he is actually a Wolf.Liu Ru meaning five years old that year, follow a hunter to the mountains to hunt, good she let Liu Chengzhi put a Wolf, the Wolf is him.Later, he tried his best to practice, finally in Liu Ru yi away from home when the human form, he came to the liu home to guard Liu Ru yi, did her husband.Liu Ru meaning listened to laugh, she said, when Wan Yunyang went out and did not return, she went out to see the worry in her heart, the results saw Wan Yunyang turned into a werewolf knocked down bao Lao six and others, she felt her husband is not simple, did not expect there is such a fate between them.Words just fall, Liu Ru Italy passed away.Liu Ru Italy after the burial, Wan Yunyang changed back to her tomb guard, until the last moment of life.

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