Bookstores are flooded with books during the back-to-school season

Shanghai’s primary and middle school students will welcome the back-to-school season tomorrow (February 17).Many parents hurried into the bookstore with their children to prepare school supplies for the new semester.These two days, all kinds of books, stationery sales gradually heating up, ushered in a wave of “back-to-school fever”.Reporter in Shanghai book city Wujiaochang store (temporary store) to see, the school season, the store children’s picture books, classics, reference books and other books are favored by customers, teaching books sales smooth, parents buy books more “rational”.Many parents take their children to the bookshelf and slowly browse through the sample books, patiently choosing books suitable for their children.Some parents said buying books offline is a better experience than buying them online.The specific contents of many books can be “flipped” when they are purchased offline.In order to make it convenient for customers to purchase, the learning materials of different grades in the store are placed in the corresponding shelves.In addition to books, beautiful and exquisite school supplies, as well as cultural and creative appliances, is also the “focus” of family procurement.Shanghai Book City Wujiaochang store has set up a special school supplies sales area, almost covering all aspects of learning.There are school bags, notebooks, pens and pencil cases in various styles, as well as post-it notes, colored pens and correction tapes in attractive shapes.Shopping children can choose their favorite stationery from a variety of creative stationery to add more fun to their learning life.Nowadays, children have more time to themselves, and schools and families are paying more and more attention to developing children’s reading literacy and comprehensive ability.Take advantage of your free time to visit the bookstore and you might stumble upon your favorite book.Source: Shanghai Yangpu

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