The best time to enjoy flowers is coming!Jincheng here has a mysterious sea of flowers, hiding the tantalizing spring

“Flowers where to avoid dust, then alone, will occupy the spring.”In this flower charm season, fragrant flavor, warm years, to Jincheng to a flower about it, do not want to negative this good spring!Magnolia, open!”Cui multi force wind long, broken honeysuckle jade snow incense.”Like snowflakes falling with charming fragrance of magnolia, delicate and elegant.In early March, the magnolia flowers opened here early. The flowering period of magnolia is very short, usually only ten days. People who want to enjoy the flowers can not miss the best time.Viewing time: mid-March – mid-April viewing place: Jincheng Qianjin Road, Belle Park, children’s park golden rape flowers everywhere, drunk!”Rapeseed flowers cover the ground with gold, even a dark spring.”In March and April, the most beautiful scenery in the countryside is golden rape flowers, wheat fields and fields, mountains and valleys and slopes, which are the most beautiful and spectacular scenery in the countryside.Rape flowers open after the attack of fragrance, especially in the evening, from afar to fragrance rich, let a person be infatuated.Flowering takes about 15 days.Ornamental flowering: from early April to late April ornamental location: Nanling Village, Lizhai Township, Nanling Township, Zezhou County look!Yanyu apricot flowers open “full order fangcao green, a piece of apricot flower incense.”Apricot flowers are early spring, a simple and natural beauty of flowers.In everyone’s memory is a unique scent of apricot flowers, breathtaking as a dream.In the north, apricot flowers bloom earlier than pear and peach blossoms, with a flowering period of about 15 days.Ornamental flowering: early April ornamental location: Yangcheng County Yan Li township charming charming peach blossom, love!As the saying goes, “The peach blossom burns its brilliance”, the bright peach blossom is the most suitable metaphor for beautiful women.Visible peach blossom beauty, everyone loves.Even the white shallow of three lives three times not also indulge in a peach blossom forest cannot extricate oneself?Every year from the middle of March to the beginning of April, peach blossom, peach blossom has been open, pink and tender, in the full mountain green looks delicate and charming.Flowering time: mid-late March to mid-late April Place: Romantic cherry blossoms, Shiyuan Village, Beiliu Town, Yangcheng, bloom with vigour and vitality!”Mountain cherry such as beauty, beauty is easy to rest”.In April, the cherry blossoms in Huangcheng Xiangfu and White Horse Temple Forest Park are in full bloom.Everywhere cherry blossom pressure branch, light gentle, bright, elegant plain, open soft, is also vigorous.Flowering time: mid-April to early May Place: Huangcheng Xiangfu, White Horse Temple Mountain Forest Park, smell the fragrance, look for plum and meet you!”Remote knowledge is not snow, for there is a hidden fragrance.”A plum blossom early open competition open, fragrant flowers, wintersweet is the best in the plum blossom, with the prince of flowers in the proud style.Jersey park plum blossom bud of the delicate shy language, tenderness tenderness;Burst natural and unrestrained freely, graceful and generous;Crimson smile, tender bud swaying, beautiful.Flowering time: mid-December to mid-February Place: One flower, one world, one leaf, one Bodhi, Zezhou Road, Jincheng.Looking for a flower, stop, destruction, embrace the heart into the sea of flowers, continuously fragrance refreshing, memory weiyang, years static good.

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