From childhood to adulthood, I have been asked to compare and lead, but I have never been asked to fit, and I need to fit

2022-02-04 I saw a news a few days ago, a man, working in other places, living in a rental house, the house is rented by two girls.Two girls gave him money, and then he gave the money to the country wife, and then the man was hospitalized, and all three of them went to the hospital, and finally it was said that they were going to live together…Tell me how envious I should be when I read such news!I don’t know whether such news is true or not, but I know that even if it is false, there may be some in real life, and even the number of three may change more, after all, there have been similar cases.Sometimes I just think that a lot of people lose themselves in love, then look at the news, think of the online evaluation: in the end must hurt the most.So what do we really look for in love?Feeling in love?Get married and have kids?Plain may be good, because it can really be so, but what about those that are not plain?Even know that there is no good end, so what is the pursuit of?Pursuing someone to the end in the hope that they will get better, then what is your nature and how do you know that they will get better?What about those who look as far as the eye can see but are still stuck?Why would you think it was love, or even how could you feel it?Maybe you say it doesn’t matter, everyone is playing, but in the end there will be a person hurt more or less, so this time what we want in the end?A local Beijing girl, salary is not high, the appearance of the 10023, face shape also is not good, have a boyfriend and shandong, male of the work is not high not low, and about ten thousand in Beijing, the girl is very good, two people is cohabitating couples, friends are not married reason is girls don’t want to get married, why don’t want to get married,It is because the girl knows that she will not marry this man, but this man is very good to her, and she cooks and does what she does. Anyway, he is very good, and she doesn’t have to do anything. But they also know that they can’t afford a house in Beijing, so they definitely won’t get married, but they haven’t met the right one, so that’s it…Is that the bottom line?I think of the time before in Anji, many little sisters, especially young, known as the back garden of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, many are for love, not for money, but in the end, but have changed……Like some people in the SM community, there are so many girls who are quiet and beautiful that you can’t imagine but just get stuck…Unable to clearly understand themselves and their objects and feelings, living in their own fantasy, to put it bluntly, being led away by this person, has been controlled by the mind of this person, even though this person may not really puA.Repeated rejection, self-doubt, wishful thinking, falling into a kind of puA of self, becoming extremely unsure of oneself.Failure, the old feeling is their own problem, and then inverted, others do not feel is not their own problem ah.Perhaps not suitable for the circle can not go up, suitable for their own is the most important!But this suitable degree has never been taught us, we are always in contrast, always in the forefront, which let you find the right place time ah!Xiao Liu, saved three years of money, finally bought a pasat, happy to die, downstairs to buy marbled beef, and then when he came back, see neighbor Chen just changed a BMW, and then Xiao Liu was not happy.When I got home, I saw my wife humming and cooking, and I started to get angry: “Lao Tzu went down to buy a piece of beef, but your meal has not been done, SO I don’t eat.” Then I went out to find my friends to drink.Then liu’s wife is very meng force, began to complain with bestie, just bought a car like this, is the big ye, later also how…———— over ———— smile ancient smile today, smile east smile west smile south smile north, smile to smile, laugh at his original ignorance.Look at things look at things, look at the sky look at the earth look at the sun look at the moon, look at the above look at the below, look at others always have high and low.

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