Two new COVID-19 cases were reported in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, and 10 people tested positive for NUCLEIC acid

Source: xinhua, the official Xinhua News Agency, Hohhot, February 17 (reporter Wei Jing yu) reporter from 17 at Hohhot of Inner Mongolia autonomous region COVID – 19, epidemic prevention and control work news conference on February 17, 0 to 11 PM, Hohhot report 2 cases of new local COVID – 19 confirmed cases, 10 cases will be coronavirus nucleic acid testing positive for staff.Up to now, Hohhot has reported a total of seven local COVID-19 cases, including one in Xincheng District, two in Yuquan District, two in Saihan District, one in Tumed Left Banner and one in Wuchuan County.All the confirmed cases are being treated in isolation in the Fourth Hospital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. After expert consultation, one case is an ordinary type and six cases are mild.As of 22 o ‘clock on February 16, 440 close contacts and 320 secondary close contacts have been detected in Hohhot. Control measures have been put in place, and the investigation, testing and tracing work is in progress.Hohhot COVID-19 Prevention and control Headquarters issued a notice, starting from 23:00 on February 16, Yuquan District Xianghe Yuan community, Yuquan District Kuntai community (three districts), Saihan District Yihe Jiayuan community adjusted to medium-risk areas.Hohhot began nucleic acid testing for people in key areas at 15:00 on February 17.According to Zhang Lei, deputy director of Hohhot Municipal Health Commission, according to the population distribution of Hohhot, 2,200 nucleic acid sampling sites, 4,270 sampling stations, and 9,664 sampling personnel have been set up. Up to now, the daily nucleic acid testing capacity of the city’s medical and health institutions (including third-party testing institutions) can reach 220,000 tubes, said Zhang Lei, deputy director of Hohhot Municipal Health Commission.

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