Incident in nanchang park!Fortunately,…

Quickly click the picture below Nan Wan ‘er fans of the exclusive welfare free to get ice dun dun!Mother and daughter two people trapped steep cliff if carelessly trample empty consequences of emergency firefighters rushed to the scene two people will be saved on February 10, 16 28 points when the nanchang received fire alarm nanchang city tianhe mining park two people trapped on a steep cliff called command center immediately seconded 1 fire truck, 7 firefighters rushed to the scene to rescue this time,The sky began to rain in the mountains of the temperature is lower and 2 people almost don’t stay up if the 2 people carelessly trample empty fall consequences is critical fire rescue workers for their own protection immediately launched rescue 17 to 25 points after fire rescue personnel two successful rescue and escorted to the site of security firefighters worry little girl catch a cold and wrapped his coat on the little girl put her all the wayIt is understood that the trapped woman felt that the route up the mountain was too circuitous, so she took the child and took a shortcut up the mountain.When I got to about 10 meters below the pavilion, I found that there was no foothold or anchorage on the stone wall above.It began to rain suddenly. The cold weather made the two men lose their physical strength quickly, and the way back became very wet and muddy. They did not dare to move, so the woman dialed 119 for help.Fire departments to remind the general public without security measures to protect free climbing cliffs very dangerous hope everyone not to stay alone in the absence of security measures to the source or remote steep climb | nanchang fire the original title: “the nanchang park! Luckily…”

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