The finale of the hit TV series “Hunting Crime Map” reveals how precious the “Magic brush Detective” is

The hit online TV series “Map of Hunting Crimes” ended recently, in which the protagonist, Shen Yi, plays a crucial role in every case as a mock artist.With the popularity of the series, the profession of sketch artist entered the public consciousness.When it comes to Chinese portrait simulators, Lin Yuhui, the “magic brush Detective”, is the best.Before his retirement, he was a well-known expert in Chinese portrait simulators and was a senior engineer at the Physical evidence Identification Center of shandong Provincial Public Security Department.Because once in CCTV “challenge impossible” program through the simulation portrait “carve a person”, by “Chinese detective” Li Changyu’s appreciation and famous.In the case of Zhang Yingying, which has attracted attention in both China and the United States, Lin yuhui used blurred, Mosaic images from surveillance cameras to reconstruct the portrait of the man who killed Zhang Yingying, which later matched that of Christensen.Since then, Lin Yuhui also because of the “Shen Cong abducted child shen Cong and human trafficker mei Yi” portrait, caused the “Mei Yi” portrait of the spread of the screen.Lin has been following the show while it has been on the air. He is glad that the show has brought attention to the work of a portrait simulator, and that it has been effective in deterring criminals.Lin Yuhui, the prototype of the film: There are only a dozen portrait simulators in China, which can be called the “giant panda” in the police circle.”To be able to promote our group in a TV series not only lets the public know about our work, but also lets people who have the motive to commit crimes know that our presence can help prevent crime.”After watching the film, Mr. Lin said, he felt it was a validation of a group of people who do mock portraits.Less well known is that Lin was the model for shen Yi, the leading role in The Film, But Lin said that he didn’t give any in-depth guidance on the production of the show, and that all the cases in the show were adapted by the scriptwriters through online research.After the TV series was aired, many people questioned whether it was too “deification” of simulators.In response, Lin said, “The show is real and not made up, but there are some ‘exaggerations’ in the plot.”For example, shen Yi, a simulator painter, used 36 bone points to successfully draw a picture of a suspect wearing a mask, which was captured on camera in the drama. “Actually, only six points are needed to draw a picture, but the technique varies from person to person, and maybe three points are better,” he said.Lin Yuhui says, this work is called in criminal investigation “imitate portrait”, play “imitate portrait division” address lets this profession more lofty rise.In his 20 years of working experience, a lot of people think he is stem police, speaking of simulation portrait not many people understand, “people only know portrait, do not know criminal investigation and painting in the professional, in fact, criminal investigation portrait and painting is originally two different things.””Sketch artists are the giant pandas of the police.”Lin yuhui told Beijing Youth Daily that China’s public security system has not yet set up a special department or department for the simulation of portrait, “it is still not up to every public security bureau has a simulation of portrait artist, the country is only a dozen, some provinces can not even find a such a person.”Investigate its reason, Lin Yuhui believes, from the highest level of construction, there is no such department;Moreover, the simulation of the portrait requirements are very strict, not just a painting can be competent, must be very skilled in the portrait of the talent is possible.A lot of places may be forensic medicine, trace inspection part-time do simulation portrait, there is a case on the painting, no case on the painting, so not good.Lin Yuhui told reporters that when he was in the Shandong Provincial Public Security Department, the leadership attached great importance to it and said, “You don’t do anything, just do the simulator.”This enabled Lin yuhui to grow rapidly on the original solid foundation and quickly put what he learned into practice.Although it is called the “giant panda” of the police, the simulator and other police are the same, they all need to go to the scene and capture information.Lin yuhui said that, first of all, going to the scene is conducive to more three-dimensional, more Angle analysis of the simulator.Secondly, it also helps victims and witnesses to “touch the scene”, and many details can be better recalled at the scene.In addition to observing the scene, the simulator works more by listening.It needs strong image thinking and shaping sense to transform witness’s language into image.”Our brains need to be like computers,” Lin said. “They need to translate words into pictures and organize them quickly.”But Lin is not worried that advanced AI technology will replace simulated portraits.”Don’t look at the current technology so developed, but the simulation of portrait is intelligent technology can not be solved, must rely on the human brain, human hand to make.For the next 10, 20 years, mockups are going to be there.”Lin says the simulators not only draw pictures, but also read minds, and warm emotions will never be replaced by cold machines.For the future development of analog portrait, Lin Yuhui proposed a very important direction – “human-machine combination”.He said there is a frame technology in the police force that specializes in fuzzy images.For blurred video, incomplete video repair, this is the simulation of the portrait needs to do.”It would be helpful if one of them knew how to draw figures,” Mr. Lin said.Modern technology, combined with simulation, will greatly improve the efficiency of handling cases.Of course, mockups are not a panacea.Some witnesses couldn’t see their faces clearly, so they couldn’t draw.A painter can draw a portrait without any other information as long as he or she determines the shape of the face.Because simulators are very familiar with the position of the facial features of different faces, after drawing more than ten or two dozen portraits for witnesses or witnesses to identify, there will always be a more like a criminal suspect.”It would be nice to have more detailed facial features.For example, if a person has high cheekbones, consider that a person with high cheekbones must be thin.Step by step, identify more facial features to create the portrait.”In addition, simulators also need to learn how to guide and inspire witnesses, Lin explained.You can ask, “Who does this person look like at first glance?” If the witness remembers who he looks like, it will help the portrait.In Lin yuhui’s opinion, it takes talent and hard work to become a portrait simulator.It takes a lot more than a regular sketch artist.Simulators must have a solid foundation of extensive training in human portraits and a good understanding of human facial features.According to Lin, he painted more than 100,000 portraits during his work, which painters and artists could never do.For the average painter, it takes five or six years of practice day and night to undertake the task of simulating a portrait.In recent years, Lin yuhui has also been approached by many people to learn how to simulate portraits.Lin yuhui also made it clear that it is not realistic to start learning to simulate portraits on a zero basis.The two most important requirements for a good portrait simulator are interest and a solid foundation in painting.Only those who have reached a certain level of basic skills and like to simulate portraits will start to teach professional knowledge.Lin says many people come to him to learn, but the technology is not yet good enough to be used in real combat.In order to better “help students”, Lin yuhui is now preparing courseware for students to share experience and experience.Later this year he plans to publish a biography, focusing on cases he has worked on in recent years.Next year, a tutorial on mock portraits is planned.In addition to teaching, Lin yuhui, who retired at the end of 2017, did not stay idle. Instead, he made a “Double Hundred Plan” for himself — voluntary portraits of 100 revolutionary martyrs and 100 missing children, which took four years to complete.In 2021, Lin held a themed exhibition in Jinan titled “Salute to a Century — Portraits of Heroes,” displaying more than 130 portraits of revolutionary martyrs he painted as a tribute to the centennial of the founding of the Communist Party of China.Speaking of portraits of martyrs, What Lin remembers most is the mother of martyr Han Qichang.Han Qichang was killed in the battle of Jinan in 1948 at the age of 22.His mother is 109 years old this year.Lin Yuhui said, Han Qichang’s mother every Chinese New Year festival will miss his eldest son, this time he painted a good portrait of Han Qichang, but also made a high imitation color photos, personally sent to the old mother’s home.As soon as the old mother saw her son’s photo, she immediately took out a towel and wiped it, saying: “This is Han Qichang, this is an ah, an ah.”Such a scene moved everyone present.Lin commented on his work, “It’s very meaningful to draw the heroes who died during the war.They are the heroes of our country and their faces should be remembered.”To this end, the Department of veterans affairs of Shandong Province, also specially set up a Shandong revolutionary martyr portrait center for Lin Yuhui, convenient for its next work.After Lin yuhui’s work plan, is to paint the portrait porcelain pasted on the martyr’s tombstone.Not long ago he had dedicated a memorial to a martyr.Lin has also drawn pictures of more than 100 parents of missing children.So far, more than 10 children have been found through this portrait, and the similarity is very high.”We can’t just draw a picture and find one, but at least we can provide a direction to find the child,” Lin said.Drawing portraits according to the family features and then making high imitation photos greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of case handling.”Double Hundred plan” although completed, but Lin Yuhui’s footsteps still did not stop.Lin said he would still paint revolutionary martyrs and abducted children in the future. “After retirement, I will do something more meaningful to enrich my life,” he said.Intern Li Shuping/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Zhang Ziyuan editor/Zhang Bin

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