Spring rain will continue to hit Yunnan province in the next two days, and northwest Yunnan needs to prevent geological disasters

Yesterday, nujiang river, south Baoshan, Dehong, south Dali, Lincang, north Pu ‘er, north Yuxi appeared small to moderate heavy rain, there were thunderstorms in western Yunnan, southwest Yunnan.The central and eastern parts of the country are cold and bleak like autumn and winter with no hint of spring because……The central and eastern areas began to clear up the day before yesterday (8th) due to the influence of clear sky radiation, the temperature in the morning was low in the noon, because the cold air mass did not recede temporarily, plus the dense cloud in the sky, the temperature rose slowly, making people feel a little chilly. So what will the weather be like in the next two days?Let’s take a look at the forecast to the weather forecast tomorrow is given priority to with dispersion rainfall mainly appear in yunnan province and east, northwest yunnan, western yunnan northwest yunnan, western yunnan, the day after tomorrow, northern, northeastern yunnan rain increase local moderate rain or showers cloudy in other parts of the heavy rain showers cloudy local recent umbrella is necessary to go out don’t forget to bring yo ~ early to middle temperature fluctuations larger timely increase or decrease in clothes, prevent disease ~Sports forecast: 20:00, Apr. 9 to 20:00, Apr. 10: Nujiang, Lijiang, north Dali, north Baoshan, north Dehong, Qujing, Kunming, Yuxi, Honghe, Wenshan cloudy showers, other areas cloudy partial showers.20:00, April 10 to 20:00, April 11: Diqing, Nujiang, west Of Lijiang, north of Dali, north of Baoshan, north of Dehong, north of Zhaotong, cloudy with showers, moderate or heavy in some parts, and cloudy with showers in other areas.The risk of landslides and debris flows in the northern and central parts of the Nujiang River is high from 20:00 on April 09 to 20:00 on April 10, 2022.The risk of landslide and debris flow is higher in the west of Diqing and the middle and north of Nujiang river.

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