Smart community opens a happy life

Lunar New Year holiday reporters came to ganzhou new web celebrity clock to block it in the south street sequoia blocks here feel strong festival atmosphere and residents “wisdom” new life “cut, cut, cut, taken in boring wall flanked by small groups of people, take a left, take a right, the nostalgic and warm murals, as if to take them back to the 1980 s with full-bodied breath of fireworks.Despite the cold weather, many Hanfu lovers hold hanfu parades and flash MOBS here during the Spring Festival. They dress up in Hanfu, offer han rituals, hand out red envelopes, and interact with visitors to take photos, filling the atmosphere of the Spring Festival.Culture fangfei, wisdom leads, open a happy life.It is understood that, as one of the province’s 10 high-quality future community pilot, Zhanggong Hongshanli Urban renewal project covers an area of 120 mu, after more than 90 days of upgrading and updating, become a “smart community, cultural community, civilized block”, and officially opened to the public recently.”Ding, ding, ding”, with the visitors coming in an endless stream, the mobile phone of the cadres of the community’s neighborhood committee in Honghuan Road, Nanwai Street, Zhanggong District has been ringing non-stop, and one message after another reminds them that there are outsiders entering the block.The personnel and vehicles entering the block are recorded in real time, the monitoring system captures the high altitude parabolic objects in real time, and the hidden dangers of electric vehicle charging are transmitted in real time…Now, the aboriginals of Hongshanli block have a common aspiration: “Living here, not only has cultural atmosphere, but also has a sense of security.”Residents’ sense of security comes from the support of technology.It is understood that Hongshanli transformation is an important pilot project of the city’s social governance “wisdom governance” exploration. It is the largest one in the overall transformation of 151 old residential areas in 31 districts of Zhanggong District, involving more than 2000 households. It has also faced with “community pain points” such as lack of management and aging facilities.For truly from the “face” to the “lining”, it take basic update, resource integration, intelligent management measures, such as introduction of intelligent community construction idea, adopt intelligent interconnection technology, realizing the function of the face from the outside to the inside updates, especially intelligent security facilities layout, added significant for village renovation “technology”.According to reports, in order to enhance the “wisdom” level of the block, Redwood block equipped with intelligent road light pole, intelligent garbage recycling station, intelligent Internet of things smoke sensor acquisition terminal, a key emergency help system, high altitude parabola monitoring system…”The whole community a total installation intelligent security equipment 174 sets, residents and visitors to cover every scenario, the household, community, property management, community health, community service, community marketing, e-commerce, etc all net up, constantly improve the intelligent level of community governance, to the elaborating management promote the public security.”Zhong Wenjun, a street cadre who participated in the project, said.”During epidemic prevention and control, please pay attention to wearing masks…”As soon as I stepped into the front door of “Sequoia Li”, the facial structure recognition camera on the side sounded a clear voice prompt. It turned out that some tourists entered without masks and were recognized and prompted by the camera.In the new era, technology has increasingly become an important means of resilience governance at the grassroots level and community risk management. Especially in the face of the great pressure of COVID-19 prevention and control, we will continue to strive to provide intelligent solutions for community epidemic prevention and control by speeding up the construction of smart security communities.”Project breakthrough leader said.”The environment has really changed a lot. The community used to be ‘dirty, messy and bad’, but now it has a strong cultural atmosphere and has become a scenic area.”Li Aunt is the old residents of the community, she told reporters that the community before the environmental health often exist management vacancy problem, roadside piled with all kinds of garbage, seriously affecting residents’ life and travel.These problems are now solved by smart recycling stations on the block.Intelligent garbage recycling station integrates monitoring, weighing, currency conversion, identity recognition and other functions. It can smoothly weigh, calculate prices and automatically integrate old newspapers, glass bottles and mineral water bottles just put in by residents.Once the residents do not litter in accordance with the regulations, the alarm will be triggered immediately and pushed to the management personnel.In addition, in order to facilitate the lives of residents, Hongshanli block also launched the “Hongshanli Future Community” mobile APP, which can be used to open access control, report problems, report maintenance, and pay for living expenses, to understand the community notice, party building activities, tour guide information, etc..Residents can do these things in their lives and neighborhoods with their fingers.In the community health hut, residents can enjoy health monitoring, health monitoring, health information inquiry, remote medical assistance, health monitoring data transmission and other services at home.Through smart electricity consumption, the abnormal electricity consumption of each unit household can be monitored and warned;Accurate management of floating population can be realized through smart door lock, and the community will be more standardized and safe for tenants. After mobile phone check-in, the opening and closing doors of tenants can be identified, and the background will automatically cancel access authorization when the lease expires.This block has truly realized “prevention and treatment by the masses”, empowered grassroots resilience governance with digital technology, and effectively enhanced the emergency management capacity of urban communities.

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