Henan spring sister not seen for several days, is it capsized?Netizen: Let binbin run away

Henan spring sister not seen for several days, is it capsized?Net friend: Let binbin frighten away today, see binbin of a small video, roughly content is: spring elder sister bao cun son, binbin shout you, hurriedly hurriedly come out.After watching the video suddenly realized, yes ah, Henan spring sister disappeared for several days, she did go?Did the boat capsize?Speaking of Chunjie from Henan, we are all familiar with her. She is part G of a bao village in Xinxiang. She always supports Guo Du and derogates Yao Xu, and has posted many blog posts to prove her wrong views.Kaifeng 918 trial, rain all day, enthusiastic netizens braved the rain for 13 hours waiting for the results of the trial.But Henan spring sister can sit in the venue to watch the broadcast, but also forward micro blog;Aunt Du went to Jiujiang to make a scene, accompanied by this Henan spring sister, it is said that she is also commander in chief.Some time ago, Henan spring sister also live with goods.She said it was not for her own use, but to revitalize rural areas to help farmers with goods. She said it was also a project strongly supported by the state and encouraged rural G departments to encourage villagers to engage in e-commerce.Henan spring sister said, early Du ma helped with several local specialties, with good word of mouth sales;I also bought my own mushroom sauce and sichuan peppercorns, which are really worth the money.It was a win-win situation, not only for the revitalization of the countryside, but also for the benefit of Du Ma to fight against network violence.It is a pity, because du fang anchor many mouth, Du Ma and who also can not afford to offend, had to choose back network no longer live with goods.And according to insiders said, Henan spring sister live with goods really only do a period, so many local products, sold a little pepper what, no one to watch no one to buy.So, Henan spring sister shyly quit live with goods.So, what does binbin shout spring elder sister do?Just look at the comments below binbin’s video: have you ever spoken ill of Du and Lei behind your back?I didn’t want to talk to you, but are you done?Binbin said in the video: ‘Today, I will call you to come out, don’t poke, don’t advise anyone, today I will not give anyone face.’As we all know, Spring sister is a hardcore Du fan, Binbin is also a hardcore Du fan, is it possible that the same comrades in the trenches also turned against each other?It is said that there are such a few women in the hardcore du Fan, often in front of people behind the “sister”, often tear each other.Remember when Du Ma once said that the team was not harmonious, could it be that these women were fighting jealously?Spring elder sister dare not show her head for many days, is it just as some net friends say that, be scared away by Binbin?Why say henan spring sister may capsize?Because before her at work time command teammates net violent Xu Ma, uncle ji caught a current!

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