World of Warcraft TBC: How low is P2 group?Consumption can, the boss is in short supply

Recently saw a post, a player just over 70 level ready to take T5 equipment, ask everyone to say and only buy equipment not to fight strange words is possible to collect.I don’t want to say directly reply can at the beginning, but look at the players just want to play the tempest keep and viper temple and balance of the difficulty and the equipment prices eventually can reply, but if with early then lie not only play a little chance to all have no, so, after all, thanks to world of warcraft TBC lowered the difficulty.With the arrival of the middle stage OF P2, the overall difficulty of TBC in World of Warcraft has been greatly reduced, especially when P3 has just entered the wild stage. Players are quite honest about the challenges of this stage. On the one hand, TBC is an open book test for most players.If you find it difficult, you can either watch some live streams or apply for a PTR test server before stage P3, so the next period is a time for players to make rapid progress.Coming back to stormkeep and Viper Temple, some of you may be wondering, does it make sense to get P2 gear now that it’s P3 open?It doesn’t mean much, but it’s better than Kim not going to tuanben. Even if the difficulty of STAGE P3 is not that great, will players find something very troubling? Many so-called tuanben say they don’t require players’ equipment, but each leader points players’ equipment and rejects them directly if they are not well equipped.So although it is into the stage of P3, but do not have enough equipment still cannot obtain the qualification of league, so this time have to will be equipped to improve quality, if quality is insufficient, so will inevitably lead to the rejection, even if you are the boss, but insufficient equipment P3 stage of this would have refused to you.P3 stage is the main force of the egg knife, for any boss if you do not get P2 stage graduation clothes, then who will believe that you can make consumption.So for players who have just reached the full level, playing stage P2 is the most cost-effective way, so what if you don’t fight monsters and just buy equipment?This works if you’re the boss, but if you want to fuck for nothing you’ll be kicked out of the team.The difficulty of stage P2 is not too high for the two groups, there is no difficulty in taking one or two players who are completely unable to fight the all-access groups of Stormkeep and Dark Temple, but the main fear of these leaders is not that you will not fight in the group, but that you will not fight in the group, so it is better if you do not fight.Now P2 stage there will be a big background is no shortage of thugs, but serious short of the boss, P2 stage belongs to the whole is a depressing stage, because the P2 stage, give a person a kind of feeling is tasteless abandon eaten but a pity, in addition to a phoenix to carry the banner of other equipment and the difference of P1 stage is not big, so a lot of players don’t want to buy,Since the difficulty drops, it directly leads to the P2 stage warming, but a more extreme problem occurs in the case of warming is the price problem.Before the opening of stage P3, the revenue of many groups was only about 1000G, and the revenue of some groups in The Temple of Viper was only about 2000G, and the total revenue of the two copies was only about 3000G, and the G of each player was only 100G, almost no one was willing to spend time to play.However, as long as some people pack the equipment, there will be many regiments to open the group. P3 stage is simple, but there will still be the risk of rollovers, but P2 stage will almost not rollovers.So now in P2 stage of this, if you can’t get into group, then you can direct consumption, the general mass of the last few places are all be left to the boss or some prospective boss, rarely some ribs P2 stage regiment will only recruit people, after all, now get P2 stage equipment significance is small, the ascension of P3 stage equipment is very big,So if you want to buy equipment as long as you meet the conditions into the group, you can easily enter without any equipment, but in the name of the boss into the group do not want to pick up the leak, or it is easy to be reported.

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