The reason for the withdrawal was found. Ma, 33, stepped up to take on a new post at the Winter Olympics

At the end of WTT China Macau station in 2022, Ma Long, Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen returned to the first station, Liu Shiwen got a good result of 1 gold and silver, Xu Xin also got a gold medal, but Ma Long was eliminated by Wang Chuqin in the first round of mixed doubles. The result was not very ideal.The unsatisfactory result makes many fans expect Ma Long to achieve good results in the following WTT Muscat race, but recently the news of China Ping came, in the upcoming Muscat race, China Ping sent 28 players, but Ma Long did not appear in the squad.Why did Malone retire when he had not recovered?Soon, the answer came, too, because Malone had other tasks.In order to promote the Beijing Winter Olympics, which will begin on February 4, Ma Long has been appointed as the “ambassador of snow and ice Sports promotion” for the Tokyo Olympics.Of course, this is not one of Malone’s most important tasks. What is Malone’s most important task?According to media reports, on February 3, of the Beijing Olympic torch relay came the next day, and in the station’s most high-profile is referred to as the “ridge” of the badaling Great Wall point, and this time the award was for the two Rio Olympics, Tokyo Olympic Games men’s singles champion Malone, with 5 gold MEDALS.It is the honor of Malone to be the first leg of the torch relay on the second day. Liu Guoliang of The National Ping team also praised and congratulated the Dragon team. In the interview, Malone also said that he wanted to let the Chinese ice athletes feel the strength of China and feel everyone’s blessing for them in Badaling by carrying the torch today.Yes, this is the reason why Malone out of the race, he is not don’t want to take the opportunity to let himself get recovery, but he has a more important mission to accomplish, this mission also let Malone self-sacrifice, to bear the burden, however, we also believe that for the dragons, restore the state is a matter of time before, because the dragon team experienced too much wind waves,Losing one game after another is just a blip for him.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, please contact delete

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