The final kill into the background, data revealed messi more embarrassed, more difficult days ahead

Kylian Mbappe’s last-gasp winner in the first leg of their Champions League tie against Real Madrid in Greater Paris will take the ligue 1 giants to the Bernabeu in their bid to progress.This game real Madrid can be said to be big Paris comprehensive suppression, which is before the game most people did not think of.After all, Although Real Madrid is not at the peak, but the strength of the lineup will not be so far behind Paris.There are many people believe that Real Madrid’s team run-in and the tacit understanding between players is better than Paris.But Paris were a different team, not only stunning in midfield, but also solid at the back, where they have at times been a disaster.Paris, with all three lines in action, made Real Madrid very uncomfortable and hardly had a decent attack.But Real’s slump was also due to carlo Ancelotti’s choice of tactics. The Italian coach was pragmatic enough to stay down and steady at the PARC des Princes, distracting real’s strikers from attacking.Overall, greater Paris scored a perfect victory in both content and result, with France’s L ‘Equipe newspaper putting Mbappe and Velatti tied for first place with eight points, while Messi finished last with an embarrassing three.In fact, Messi also showed his skill and ability to read the game on several straight shots, but the penalty missed, there is no way.To add to Messi’s embarrassment, Grand Paris’s last-gasp winner was a clever backheel from the long-lost Neymar that found Mbappe, who squeezed past two Real defenders in the narrow area and found courtois with his leg.Neymar and Kylian Mbappe made Paris, but Messi became the backdrop.In the absence of Neymar, messi and Mbappe have gradually improved, but it is still a combination of four hundred million that decides the result in such a crucial battle.Mbappe is expected to leave Paris for Real Madrid in the summer, which means messi’s most attuned front court player in Paris is on his way out.This is not good news for Messi, who may have a more difficult time in Paris.Neymar, after all, is not the man he once was.

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