“Entering Asia” in the International Understanding Education Course of “Panda Goes World” in Tanghu Primary School south District

In order to better promote international understanding education, students should respect and understand the cultures and customs of other countries, nations and regions while understanding and loving the excellent Chinese cultural traditions, and cultivate students’ international understanding ability to respect the cultural differences of different countries and broaden their international horizon.From March 21st to March 25th, Tanghu Primary School in Shuangliu District (South District) held the English week of “Panda Go World” international Understanding education course “Go Asia”.This “Panda Goes Global” international understanding education course is themed with “Go Into Asia”, featuring 8 Asian countries:China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, India, Mongolia, kazakhstan and other scenic spots, traditional festivals, special diet, etiquette culture, art appreciation, religion or current events as the main study content, such as through poetry recitation, singing, painting, hand out the newspaper production as well as places of exhibition activities, teach children the knowledge, consciousness, cultivate their attentionA sense of judgment and a sense of practice.At the beginning of March, under the care of the leaders of Tanghu Primary School (South District) and under the leadership of The English teaching and research group leader Xia Ruixue, all the teachers of the English group began to prepare for this activity.After in-depth discussion and repeated modification, the theme, development mode and specific activity plan of this international understanding education course were determined.This international understanding education course is mainly composed of knowledge learning and cultural experience.Under the guidance of English teachers, all classes in the school will learn and understand the basic situation, scenic spots, architecture, food, clothing, etiquette, culture, festivals and other related knowledge of Eight Asian countries, including China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, India, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.And by picture display, hand copy newspaper evaluation, song performance, painting competition, handmade and other forms of the content of the show.Cultural experience is to set up four theme areas: knowledge competition area, food experience area (eight countries of food), doll photo area, dress up area.Students of all grades participate in knowledge competition to get points, with points to participate in food experience, doll photo, dress up and other activities.On Monday, March 21st, after the host gave a brief introduction to the English culture festival in the flag-raising ceremony, Principal Li Chun announced the opening of the first “Panda Walk around the World” international Understanding education course “Walk into Asia”.In the English class, the teachers led us to “walk into Asia” with great enthusiasm.The children actively participated in the class, listened to the teacher carefully and took careful notes.Through the course, children learn about the customs and cultures of different countries and broaden their international horizons.”After class, teachers and students collaborated to design and decorate the exhibition board on the outer wall of the classroom with the theme of Eight Asian countries.The lifelike light clay food works, exquisite clothing paper-cuts, vivid hand-painted architectural works are all amazing children’s unrestrained imagination and creativity.On Friday, March 25th, all the teachers and students of the school are waiting for the eight-nation Asian cultural experience activity to begin!All the teachers of English group and lovely senior volunteers came to school early to prepare for the afternoon activities.In the activity field, Mr. Wang, Mr. Xia and Mr. Luo are carefully decorating every corner of the field with balloons, display boards and national flags.In the canteen, Mr. Zeng, Mr. Yan, Mr. Yang, Mr. Xie and Mr. He are making full preparations for the delicious food experience of various countries in the afternoon.1:30 PM cultural experience activity officially started!Under the guidance of homeroom teachers and instructors, students of all grades and classes came to the activity site in an orderly manner.Knowledge competition area children listen to the questions carefully, try to answer, one seems to have become a little encyclopedic knowledge.In the doll’s photo area, the children happily took pictures with Bing Dwen Dwen, a cute Thai elephant and a cute Japanese sika deer. The pictures were full of children’s smiles and joy.Dress up area girls put on fairy Fairy Hanfu, elegant Hanfu, exquisite Indian sari incarnation into a lovely exotic little princess.The boys put on the traditional clothes of Mongolia, Kazakhstan and other countries, more lively and lovely.Food experience area Come to the most popular food experience area, Thai lime juice, Japanese sushi, Mongolian milk, Chinese dumplings, Indian flying cake, South Korea fried rice cake can let the children choose a flower eye.Look at this lively scene, teachers and children happy and satisfied expression, you can imagine how popular the eight food is!On March 26th, At the flag-raising ceremony of tanghu Primary School, Shuangliu District, Principal Li Chun made a summary of the activity “Walking into Asia” of the first “Panda Walking around the World” international Understanding course and read out the results of the external wall display competition of all grades and classes.The “Panda Walk the World” international Understanding course “Walk into Asia” takes the opportunity to bring “Asia” into the campus with the course as the starting point, so that the children can learn from the music, learn from the music, understand the international multicultural, broaden the international vision.Source: South Area of Tanghu Primary School, Shuangliu District, Chengdu

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