19.9 yuan of photographic photo payment time variable “sky-high”?Be wary of ultra-low prices

People’s Net Beijing on March 24 (reporter Sun Hongli) photo 1688 flash sale 19 pieces 9?Buying a shoot in high spirits, only to find out when you pay for it that you spent thousands or even tens of thousands?Recently, the Wechat official account of Shanghai Market Regulation Bureau published a case in which a photography photo company was fined 200,000 yuan by Shanghai market regulation department for inducing consumption upgrading through low price promotion and forcibly selling cosmetics in the process of providing photography services.Shanghai’s market regulator has warned consumers to be wary of ultra-low prices for photo shoots, and to choose carefully if prices are too low.When booking photography packages, try to make a detailed note of possible consumption in the later period.At the same time, consumers in the choice of photography package, for all kinds of photo effect comparison, promotion upgrade package must make up their own mind, “wheel warfare” marketing to learn to “step on the brakes”, must carefully read the package contract content, especially to see the terms of rights protection.According to the case of release, after check, the parties since the end of 2020 in store and in-store activities with “flash 19.9 1688” posters, through low prices to attract consumers into the store consulting photography services, and in the process of negotiation photography services, through the comparison methods such as photos, clothing, props induced consumers upgrade consumption unceasingly,Forced the sale of expensive photography packages to consumers.An investigation by Shanghai’s market regulator also found that the client offered photography services to consumers on an appointment basis, but did not inform them of the need to bring cosmetics and makeup requirements when making an appointment.When consumers bring their own cosmetics to take photos or refuse to buy and use the cosmetics in the store, the parties will force them to sell cosmetics, breast stickers and other products by means of soft and hard talking and creating obstacles, forcing consumers to consume other products out of face or to avoid trouble.Shanghai market regulators, points out that the advertised through the low induced consumption upgrade behavior violates the consumer rights and interests of the People’s Republic of China protects a law “the first paragraph of article 20 of the operator to the consumer to provide the relevant goods or services of quality, performance, use, validity and other information, should be true and full, shall not make any false or misleading propaganda”.In addition, the parties concerned in the process of photography service selling cosmetics, in violation of the “Shanghai consumer protection regulations” article 26 “operators shall not force consumers to purchase goods or receive services, not a tie-in sale against the wish of the consumer, service or attach other unreasonable conditions”.In accordance with the provisions of Article 56, Paragraph 1, Item 6 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, Article 40, Paragraph 1 of the Price Law of the People’s Republic of China, Article 7 of the Provisions on Administrative Penalties for Price Violations and Article 64 of the Regulations of Shanghai Municipality on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests,Shanghai Hongkou District Market Supervision Bureau imposed an administrative penalty of RMB200,000 on the party concerned.

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