Winter sun is not enough, give children to eat “plant meat”, with 2 kinds of food complementary nutrition taste fresh

Introduction: Winter sun is not enough, give children to eat “plant meat”, with two kinds of food ingredients, nutrition complementary taste fresh.Enter winter, with the decrease of temperature, fewer and fewer people an opportunity to go out, especially SanJiuTian north, especially things rarely go out, even go out “armed” package is sealed, don’t leave a glimmer of opportunity for the sun, so that the skin can’t through insolation synthesis of vitamin D in the body, easy to cause the lack of calcium, if it is still growing child,Severe calcium deficiency can affect bone and height development.However, we can work it out, that is to get the calcium in food, as much as to alleviate the lack of calcium in food such as milk, dairy products, sesame seeds, dried small shrimps, soybean and its products are rich in calcium, which not only in the soybean is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B1, B2 and other nutrients, also contain rich high quality protein and essential amino acids, in addition,Which contain active substances such as soybean isoflavone, soybean lecithin, play a very important role to the health of human body, therefore, it is known as the “plant meat” good name, and made from it after the bean curd, the absorption of nutrients utilization rate can be as high as 95% above, so, the winter sun is insufficient, can give the child to eat more “plant meat”.Food cooking pay attention to reasonable collocation, the reasonable collocation and cooking, not only the food taste delicious, rich taste, nutrition also play a complementary role, such as two or more mixed edible food protein, which contains the human body essential amino acids can complement each other, complement each other, to achieve appropriate proportion, so as to improve the utilization rate of absorption of protein,If we eat a little animal food in the daily plant food, protein absorption efficiency will be higher, for example, tofu with eggs, fish and other animal food is a good choice.Share a dish made of tofu with eggs and garlic sprouts. It is nutritious and delicious. Why do you say so?Because garlic sprouts not only taste fragrant, but also rich in vitamin C, carotene and riboflavin and other nutrients, it and eggs, tofu collocation together, the whole dish will send out garlic sprouts fragrance and bean flavor, special delicious, at the same time, but also make up for the lack of tofu, eggs in the vitamin.Garlic sprout spicy taste, spicy element, from which contains its sterilization ability is very strong, is the underground “penicillin”, can rise to prevent flu, preventing wound infection, easy cold winter children, might as well put a little cooking, so, how do these three ingredients to cooperate, to make the dish already complementary nutrition, taste delicious, also can play its proper role?Ingredients: 1 piece of tofu, 2 eggs, 100g of garlic, vegetable oil, salt, light soy sauce making process: 1, first cut tofu into about 2cm square pieces of tofu.2, their own garlic seedlings, water simply rinse off the soil, cut into about two centimeters of small spare, garlic head and tail part do not mix together.3. Put a little oil in the pot. When the oil temperature is 50% hot, put the tofu cubes in.4. When the tofu is set, put in two eggs and gently rub the yolk with a shovel. When the egg white and yolk are slightly solidified, gently turn them over to make the egg liquid wrap around the tofu.5, add a little water and tofu level, add a little salt at the same time, stir well, cover the pot, low heat and simmer.(Put the salt in advance because tofu doesn’t taste well.)6, such as tofu boiled for three or five minutes, add the garlic stem and stir fry it, and so on when it wilts slightly, then sprinkle into the garlic leaves, transfer into light soy sauce, stir evenly and turn off the fire, so a fragrant nutrition and delicious garlic bean curd stewed eggs is done.Tip: Suanmiao must be put last, and do not need to continue to add heating, because, heated for a long time not only serious loss of vitamin, but also lost its delicious taste, and suanmiao spicy element also deactivated, play its due role.Lack of winter sun, easy to cause calcium deficiency, adults and children should pay attention to, especially in the development of children, not to let the development of bone, height lose in the starting line, usually eat more food rich in calcium.

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