The university in Jiangsu province, once a favorite among students, has fallen to the bottom of the list

As we all know, there are many universities in Our country. Some of them have a history of several decades, while others are only a few years old.If these two kinds of schools are compared, they must be the older universities, after all, the age of the school is not placed, just because it has been established for a long time, so the strength of the school is also very strong, compared with those newly established schools.Therefore, when choosing a university, many students not only look at the ranking of the university, but also look at how long the university has been established. After all, the longer the university has been established, the better its teaching ability will be.Another point is that the school with a long history is also well-known, so most people know about this school, and when they go out and tell others where they go to school, they are also very proud.What’s more, those schools that have been established for a long time have their own specialties, such as a major that is particularly well known nationwide.It is because these schools have their own specialty that they can support it to go on.If a school does not have a famous major, it is no doubt that no students would like to go to this school.There is a century-old university in Jiangsu Province, which was once famous, but now nobody pays attention to it. Speaking of universities in Jiangsu Province, the first one that comes to my mind is Nanjing University.This university has always been very famous in the past or now, and its educational strength is also very powerful, which is known by everyone in the local area.The second university that reminds me is Jiangnan University, which was also very popular and famous before.However, I don’t know what happened later. In recent years, this university gradually disappeared from people’s sight. Later, I checked on the Internet, and it turned out that it was caused by these two reasons.The first reason is that the school does not know how to publicize its featured majors on the Internet. As a result, many students do not know what good majors the school has, so the reputation of the school has gradually declined a lot.Secondly, the popularity of the school has decreased so much that the school has fallen out of the 211 list, which gradually makes people forget about the school and maybe only local people know about it.There is also a very serious problem, because the school’s ranking has plummeted, resulting in poor enrollment.Everyone knows that if a school wants to be better and better, it must keep sending good people to the school, and only in this way can it keep the school.No matter how excellent a school is, it is in vain to have no students, because it can only rely on cultivating excellent students to show its strength to the outside world.If Jiangnan University had followed the example of others to advertise itself on the Internet and let more excellent students come to the school, it would not have caused such a situation now.To tell you the truth, after I learned that this is the reason why this school is not visited, I feel very pity for this, and I don’t want to see such a good university go on like this.After all, this school has been founded for one hundred years, with many excellent majors and rich teaching experience, which has cultivated many talents for the country.I believe that such an excellent university, as long as the school does not give up on themselves, adjust the state and start again, in the near future will be able to re-appear in front of people.Nowadays, students frequently have a problem that when they choose a school, they do not choose it according to their major at all, but according to the strength of the school and whether it is a famous university.This idea is completely wrong, everyone has everyone’s expertise, when choosing a school must choose according to their own.If you blindly choose a famous university, you will end up hurting yourself, because the major of those schools may not be suitable for you.When you finally graduate, you will find that you have learned nothing, and then it will be too late to regret.Only choose a suitable for their own major, wait until the time to find a job to find a point.What’s more, every university has his characteristic major now, students can look slowly, look to have his that major.Only in this way will it help you, it is much better than going to those famous universities, the reason why they are famous is because they have many subjects, not every major is good.Conclusion: No matter any university, if it wants to develop better and better, it must follow the footsteps of The Times.Take jiangnan University for example. It can’t be said that the school has no strength, but that it has slowed down and failed to keep pace with The Times.I believe that jiangnan University will be ranked higher and higher in 211 universities in the near future.At the same time also warned you, in the choice of school must do what one can, must not blindly pursue famous universities.

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