Ice blind box (38) | Look!There are a lot of “guys” here…

Beijing Winter Olympics full of science and technology, how can the lack of intelligent high-end equipment support?Ice and snow sports projects lively development, of course, cannot leave the facilities and equipment strong guarantee!This time, Hunan Daily all media reporter Zhou Ti came to Zhangjiakou ice and snow sports equipment industrial park, look at the service winter Olympics fierce “big guy” exactly what kind of long, you don’t say, in addition to fierce, really good look.Ice and snow project experience, this reporting trip she is really a.In zhangjiakou Ice and snow Sports training center in the park, look, she and a group of fierce “little guy” are playing high again.Both hard work to build big equipment, and open to attracting cute.Here as zhangjiakou ice and snow sports equipment industry concentration camp, is really high-end intelligence and fun!Producer/Xia Sifei yan Bin/Yang Youhua Liu Jianguang planning/Sheng Weishan Zeng Yi executive/Zhou Ti later stage/Song Taihuan intern/Xiao Huiying [Editor: Zhou Ti][source: Hunan Daily · New Hunan client]

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