Honda’S CR-V series is selling with a temporary discount of 13,000 yuan

Call immediately – Dongfeng Honda Zhengzhou Weijia store – telephone through train, car directly enjoy VIP quotation ① to the store customers sign in to stay, you can receive a gift into the store!Take subway Line 3 to Putian Station exit B, 50 meters out to Dongfeng Honda Weijia store = High-speed railway station, orthopaedic Hospital subway entrance, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Putian Expressway – you can enjoy the shuttle service;Yacht & Yacht ™ ™ offers yacht & Yacht purchase with 0 interest rate for 3 years and 60 installments!Under the new Dongfeng Honda Motor Series, the former car will be entitled to an exclusive cash allowance of RMB 10,000!Make an appointment as soon as possible!Buy a car in Henan, choose – Weijia – you rest assured!Wejia Group has 148 4S stores in Henan Province, and you can enjoy 24-hour free rescue in the whole province when buying a car. Wejia has chosen security when buying a car.– — — — — — — — — — — — — zhengzhou city are road along the east 200 meters wei jia car park (dongfeng Honda) (here have add small program, please go to understand car client view)

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