China ping send substitute competition!WTT station race continued, Zhou Qihao when the main reliable?

From February 27th, the competition of WTT Oman will kick off. China Ping will send 29 players led by Liang Jingkun, Lin Gaoyuan, Wang Chuqin, Chen Xingtong and He Zhuojia to participate in the competition.Since March 7th, all the main players of China Ping have been competing in the Singapore Grand Slam, including fan Zhendong, Chen Meng and other main players, Ma Long and other veteran players. Liu Guoliang personally led the team, which shows the importance of the team.But most fans are only aware of these two tournaments, which coincide with the Singapore Grand Slam and the Qatar Tournament in the Middle East.From March 13 to 17, the WTT feeder event doha, Qatar, followed by the WTT regular challenge Doha, Qatar, from March 18 to 24, due to the different levels of the event, the prize money and points are different, the former only singles champion only 150 points, the latter is 400 points.The two tournaments in Malone and Qatar coincide with the Grand Slam tournament in Singapore, so the main players of China Table Tennis team are unable to participate in the competition. The list of the Two tournaments sent by China Table Tennis team is the same, which is as follows:Zhao Zihao, Zhou Qihao, Zhang Yudong, Yuan Licen, Cao Wei, Zeng Beixun, Lin Shidong, Chen Yuanyu, Huang Youzheng, Xu Yingbin, Yu Ziyang, Xu Haidong, Xue Fei, Liu Dingshuo, Xiang Peng, Wang Tingyu, Liang Guodong, Sun Wenguo Women’s Team:JiFei, Zhu Sibing, QinYu xuan, He Zhuojia, Qian Tianyi, Liu Huishan, Zhang Rui, Fan Siqi, Yang Huijing, Chen Yi, Shi Xun yao, KuaiMan, Zhou Qihao ZongGe man ping men and women together with 31 people, can see come out, starting this year, China ping the coaching staff gave more young players and edge of the main entry opportunity, in addition to exercise,The competition is also an opportunity and platform to earn prizes and points.This Qatar game, many of the players are relatively unfamiliar to the fans.However, zhou Qihao, Zhao Zihao, Liu Dingshuo, He Zhuojia and others may be relatively familiar, these few people in the international or domestic arena has been more amazing and excellent play and performance.However, for Zhou Qihao, the player has always been divided. In the domestic competition, he beat many main forces to win the warm-up men’s singles champion, and won the World Table Tennis Championships in Houston last year, but his performance was poor.He’s played a lot of rounds on the international circuit, and he’s really broken down.So, the two Qatar Doha station of the game, by Zhou Qihao to play the main force, we feel reliable?

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