Voluntary Literature | Supermoon on the Plateau (Essays)

Someone said: “Volunteers are like the moon, gently and quietly changing the world, giving people warmth and light.”But the moon, I think, does not represent just one definite group.It exists quietly in the relationship between people, when someone needs it, it will be there.———————— Author: Wang Yiqing (25), a teacher at Lhasa Teachers College, said, The body temperature is 38.4 degrees Celsius, and the blood oxygen is 37 percent.Those were the last words I heard before I put on my oxygen mask and fell asleep.I am a volunteer of the West Project who came to Tibet in 2019.In early April this year, after staying in my hometown for more than a month, I returned to The pure land of Tibet again. However, I felt the lack of oxygen and fatigue that I had never felt before.A few days later, I was admitted to the isolation ward of the hospital with an unusual fever, cough and difficulty breathing.When I woke up in my hospital bed, IT was like falling into a cave in the land of lost Time, not knowing how much oxygen had gone out of my tank, or how much of the hot, bright sun had gone down.The door of the room was pushed open.Two doctors in isolation suits put an end to my silent wandering.The doctors worked methodically around me as the intravenous drip needles were removed and nucleic acid swabs were taken.Then I watched one of the male doctors walk out the door.When the door closed, I felt a panic.The heart is frowsty, do not know is physiology or psychological factor.I slowly asked the woman who stayed behind, “ME, I don’t think I’m a new coronavirus?””Most likely not. It’s pulmonary edema.But the specific or to wait for the results.Don’t think about it. Rest.”She said.I couldn’t see the doctor’s face clearly behind the mask, but the light of the setting sun shining on her through the window gave me a moment of relief.The door opened again.The male doctor who had gone out returned to the door with a wheelchair.”Get up, let’s get a CT.”Wearing a surgical mask, I staggered to the door of my room and slumped into my wheelchair.The doctor pushing the wheelchair joked: “I heard that you are 1.8 meters tall, my colleagues also specially help me find a strong car.”I nodded and gave a hint.He continued, “Boy, it’s not easy being away from home alone. Relax. It’s all right.”The road from the isolation ward to the Medical Technology building was not easy, with a few potholes and a few bumps in the wheelchair.”Fortunately, I usually exercise, otherwise I really can not control the wheelchair, and then the boy fell.””Said the man.”So, in our line of work, you need physical strength, and you never know when you’ll need it.What do you say, young man?””Said the woman.I smiled shyly.The doctors continued to talk. “Ah…I haven’t been idle since the outbreak.Pushing a boy to check up is a walk.””It’s a good thing the epidemic is stable, otherwise it would be very difficult to treat pneumonia given the natural conditions in Tibet…”Perhaps, with the cool and fresh air outside, my impatient heart calmed down and became indifferent, with the doctors enjoying a moment of leisure stolen from their misery.After FINISHING CT, when I came out of the medical building, the sun had completely set, replaced by a round and bright moon on the horizon.It is so high in the sky, like a beacon beacon, to stray travelers to the direction.I was attracted by the moon for a while.”I heard this is the supermoon of the year.Take a picture for me, young man. There’s no room for your phone in the isolation suit.””Said the doctor who wheeled me back to the ward.I sat in a wheelchair, with my mobile phone to take pictures of the autonomous region people’s hospital in this full moon.However, I have not had the opportunity to send this photo to those two humorous doctors.When the nucleic acid test results came back, I was transferred to the general ward for further treatment.After I left the hospital, I saw a picture of a medical worker and a patient enjoying a sunset together in Wuhan.The sunlight poured down on them, showing that everything was so quiet.But in my life, in the city of sunlight, the full moon that I and the medical staff enjoyed was just as quiet and beautiful, and it moved me deeply.That touching light in the darkness seemed to be the answer life gave me.Every now and then I open up my phone album and look at this picture.As if at that moment, the moon has quietly lived in my heart, has been illuminating something for me.Many times later, I have heard someone say, “Volunteers are like the moon, gently and quietly changing the world, giving warmth and light to others.”But the moon, I think, does not represent just one definite group.It exists quietly in the relationship between people, when someone needs it, it will be there.The ancients said that people have joys and sorrows, and the moon waxes and wanes.People’s life, will experience countless ups and downs, will also have thousands of times the moon full moon lack.But, I still believe, everyone needs it, I have met in the hospital round as mirror, clear as water moon……Guest editor: Dong Xueren Source: China Youth Daily client

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