Tianjin: Spring flowers and grass spring is a good time to spring

Spring shade shade, spring thick, garden spring flowers open;Spring is good, spring grass is green, it is a good time to spring.At the moment of the epidemic, it is not convenient to travel far, but people do not want to miss the qingming Festival holiday with their families.Therefore, many Tianjin citizens choose to go outdoors, camping in parks, boating, flower appreciation, picking, fishing, flying kites to the outskirts of the city, and spend a happy holiday.The boat is very comfortable to enjoy the flowers, willow, flowers, spring water park full of vitality, many tourists choose tomb-sweeping holiday and family to play.”The weather is warm, the flowers are blooming, the trees are green, and the children are happy to be outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery and relax.”Mr. Zhang, the tourist, said.The water park got its name because of its many lakes.In the south and north of the park, a large piece of land is separated. In the middle is a vast water surface. The small islands in the water are connected by arch Bridges, winding Bridges, flat Bridges and peach and willow dikes.During the Qingming Festival, 20 new battery boats were installed and put into use.In terms of supporting facilities, the water park has also been improved in response to the water cleaning operation to ensure that tourists have a safe boat environment and beautiful landscape, sitting on the boat to enjoy the beauty of the park, comfortable and relaxed.Going for an outing and getting back to nature is the best way to visit a water park in spring.April water park poetry and painting, the park carefully created a beautiful landscape, walk in the park on every road, can see the delicate and charming flowers, step by step view the beauty, smell the flowers everywhere.Built in 1989, Kobe Garden is The first Japanese landscaped garden in China. The renovated and green Kobe Garden has been praised by tourists.During the Qingming Festival holiday, the water park amusement park project was rebuilt at the original site and added many new highlights.The entertainment facilities of Dongmen Happy Island are basically all opened: the new project “Samba Balloon” was officially unveiled on Tomb-sweeping Day;”Ollie Water War” designed for children, let children feel the charm of water intimately;”Donkey Kong” dancing rotation exciting fun;”Horror Manor” new sound effects tense plot…The entertainment facilities are fresh and exciting, especially popular with young people.In addition, during the Qingming Holiday, ferris wheel, carousel and other more than 10 classic projects are open to tourists, providing more choices for fun.”During the Qingming Holiday, take children out to relax and see nature. Pear and peach flowers in the water park are very unique.”Mr. Liu, a tourist who visited the park with his daughter, said, “Outdoor outing is close to nature, and playing in the park is easy and comfortable.”In Meijiang Park, flowers were blooming just right and tourists stopped to admire them and take photos.Many people go outdoors to enjoy flowers, fly kites, draw pictures and take photos.Bathed in the warm spring breeze, enjoying the beauty of spring.”I’m just going to see the flowers and water in the park, and then have a picnic around the neighborhood.””It’s just walking around the city, taking your kids for a walk and breathing fresh air,” said Mr. Wang.Tianjin is enjoying fine weather during the Qingming Holiday. Many people are walking and flying kites by the lake in the second phase of Meijiang Park.”I don’t plan to travel far this holiday. It’s convenient and comfortable to have a long holiday at home.We have changed a lot in recent years. The second phase of Meijiang Park has just opened. The environment inside is very good, and there are some children’s amusement facilities.A woman surnamed Yoo, who lives nearby, said, I feel very happy that I can enjoy such beautiful scenery even at my home.It’s a little bit better than going out of the market, and it’s safer and less of a hassle.”Ms. Wang is an office worker, she and some friends with their children to meet in the park for an outing.Several people set up a tent on the lawn, spread a tablecloth, and put out some snacks and drinks.”I am busy with my work at ordinary times, so I take advantage of the good weather during the Qingming Festival holiday to go outside and look at flowers and feel the beautiful spring scenery.Even if I’m not doing anything, it’s good to catch some sun and talk.”There are also some public rides for children in the park, and the children also have a good time, Ms. Wang said.Keywords such as flower appreciation and camping are popular on travel websites.A platform staff member said that camping has gradually become the mainstream from the original non-mainstream way of fun, and city parks where people can enjoy flowers and set up tents are the most popular choice.Picking and fishing is very leisurely among the many outing activities, picking in the countryside is favored.On April 5, Beichen District Shuangjie village picking garden ushered in a batch of tourists, some of a family, some of three or five friends, “we come from Heping district, holiday three days, we are outside every day, the first two days went to the park, today specially to experience the picking.Waiting in line for the battery car, Ms. Liu said with a smile.If you want to enter the picking garden, you should first show your health code, scan the site code and measure the temperature at the entrance. After completing these three steps, the staff will issue the number of the battery car for each group of families or individuals, and then queue up with the number and board the battery car. The battery car will take you to one greenhouse for picking.Shuangjie village’s picking garden has 244 greenhouses, growing a variety of fruits and vegetables for visitors to pick all year round.”It’s a good time to pick and we have 20 greenhouses open at the moment.”Liu Jian, head of the picking garden, said that 14 kinds of vegetables and fruits, including strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and lettuce, can be picked at present. “We have eight electric trucks circulating in the park, each of which can hold about 13 people.Each greenhouse 1 mu of land, the same greenhouse at the same time basically only a battery car passengers for picking.”Into the strawberry greenhouse, look, rows of green strawberry seedlings, dotted with a bit of red has been ripe.Visitors walk through rows of furrows in search of the one they want, pick it and place it contentedly in boxes they carry.On April 5th, the highest outdoor temperature in Tianjin was 24℃, but the temperature in the greenhouses would be higher, even if the heat was full of sweat, it did not affect the joy of picking.Not only picking, but also fishing and kite flying in the countryside.Mr. Chen’s family came to Shuangjie village from Hebei District to find a private fish farm. His wife and children flew kites in an open area, while he set up a fishing rod and waited quietly for the fish to bite.”I am busy with my work, so I take a rest during holidays. I take my children out for sightseeing. I also go fishing.One side of the citizen Mr. Sun said with a smile.The balance of qingming small holiday has been insufficient, but the warm spring sun is thick.If you have time, you might as well go outside for a walk, breathe fresh air!Jin cloud news reporter Bao Yan luo yun Fei strong

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