The newly built granary is transformed into a European town with 0 yuan clocking in

Speaking of the new granary, many panyu people will remember.The granary was built in the 1950s and used to be the second grain storage warehouse in Guangdong Province.After the change of history, the granary has been abandoned for a long time, leaving some factories, warehouses, buildings that have not been renovated, can still see the traces of time.The dilapidated cross-century granary has recently been put to use!With a different attitude, it takes on a new look and becomes a diversified creative park integrating catering, entertainment and cultural and creative performances. It is still under renovation and attracting investment.The name of the creative Park is also similar to the sound of granary, called Liangcang • Xinzao.At present, not many people know that the taxi driver, who has been living in xinzao for ten years, has changed so much.Rows of buildings featuring the architecture of the different European town street, one of the best absorption than the European red brick room, red brick wall body, restoring ancient ways in the fir trees, the feeling of a european-style town ~ contracted ins wind park there are a lot of White House white ins wind small house, concise line design, pure and fresh color collocation, etc, to adjacent to the pearl river good storehouse is a bit more on the side of the sea.The newly built Liangcang wharf is adjacent to the Pearl River and faces Guangzhou University Town and Lingnan Impression Park across the river.Leaning on the guardrail, feeling the river wind blowing, watching the ships coming and going, spend a comfortable afternoon ~ the combination of new and old warehouse is worth to savor, while this treasure creative park is not popular, hurry to shoot a series of art blocks. photo guide will be sent immediately!The integration of architecture and light and shadow suggests to choose when there is sunshine, the interactive light and shadow effect between buildings is very out of the piece!Standing in the geometrically interlaced light and shadow, or casually walking by, are perfectly blended with the background, beautiful as a painting.Come again a close-up of backlight, sunshine irradiates the contours of face, art girl inside taste immediately have!For some interesting comparisons, there is also a special 4S shop in the park with a cool graffiti exterior perfect for punching in and taking photos.Several luxury cars parked beside the wall, and the passing motorcycle army, formed a sharp and interesting contrast, very interesting.Liangcang every place is the scenery, beautiful corner waiting for you to slowly discover!Whether the original grain storage warehouse can really be transformed into a spiritual and cultural “good warehouse” is really worth looking forward to. Let’s take advantage of fewer people to experience a different “granary”!

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