The funeral has been held for Gaspard Uriel, the actor who played the teenage Hannibal lecter, after he died in a skiing accident

Gaspard Uriel attended a lavish funeral in Paris on Sunday afternoon, with many movie stars paying tribute to him.Gaspard Uriel died in a skiing accident at the age of 37. According to foreign media reports, Gaspard Uriel was not wearing a helmet in the accident and suffered severe head injuries. After being taken to hospital, doctors were unable to do anything.Vincent caso, Louis riel, legna · du, Audrey tautou, isabelle huppert, nils Ned, Anna jose gamla leith, thierry, fu mau, Catherine deneuve, Emily, tower bay, Jeremy ray, Matthew o malik, at the funeral of a gaspar DE uriel, everyone’s eyes are red.At the funeral, Gaspard Uriel was photographed handsomely, with a sad look in his eyes and a cigarette dangling from his mouth, looking like a loose man.Gaspard Uriel’s girlfriend, Gael Pietri, and his five-year-old son, Oso, came to see him off.Foreign media reported that celebrities attending the funeral said they would try to protect Gaspard Uriel’s five-year-old son Orso.Gaspard Uriel, a keen skier, went to the ski resort with his son for his birthday.At the ski resort where Gaspard Uriel died, a farewell service was also held at his funeral, and staff at the ski centre observed a minute’s silence for Gaspard Uriel at the time of the accident, according to reports.Gaspard Uriel played major roles in “Young Hannibal,” “Saint Laurent,” “The Boy with Grey Eyes,” “The Long Engagement,” and in “Young Hannibal,” he also starred opposite Gong Li.Not long ago, Gaspard Uriel joined Marvel as the villain Midnight Man in Moonlight Rider.Now a release date has been set for the film, which will be Gaspard Uriel’s last.

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