Take care of yourself, starting from a serious illness Insurance (Interpretation of the Annual Claims report)

Claim settlement service is a direct way to reflect the value of insurance companies.At the beginning of the year, Taikang Life Insurance released the 2021 claims annual report, so that we “see” the weight and value of insurance.As of December 31, 2021, the data shows that the total number of claims paid by Taikang Life Insurance in 2021 is 1.02 million, with a year-on-year growth of 28%.The total amount of compensation was 7.6 billion yuan, up 25% year on year.Throughout the year, Taikang Life Insurance paid an average of 20.82 million yuan per day, 2,797 claims per day and 1,630 claims per day.At the same time, the claim speed is also constantly updated, the whole process of automatic intelligent claim accounts for more than 65.55%, the application of payment time limit of 1.34 days, the fastest medical insurance only 4 seconds!The largest amount of compensation, up to 14.289 million yuan!Behind this series of heavy figures, reflects the strong guarantee taikang Life insurance provides for customers in the age of longevity.It’s also a reminder of the many families and individuals that the numbers represent, and the risks of diseases that are happening all around us.What are major diseases?According to the claims report released by Taikang Life Insurance, the total amount of serious illness insurance claims paid by Taikang Life Insurance in 2021 was 4 billion yuan, up 29% year on year;The total number of compensation cases: 50,000, with malignant tumors topping the list (53%), followed by cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.What are major diseases?Major diseases, also known as weighty diseases, are those that can have a significant impact on us.According to the China association of actuaries in early 2021, released by the national major disease prevention health education on given concept, the significant influence to be able to be reflected in two aspects: (1) particularly serious “illness”, will be a serious threat to patients life, serious impact on their family member’s life, such as most of the malignant tumors, acute myocardial infarction, severe chronic renal failure, etc.;(2) “huge treatment costs” require expensive medical expenses, which will bring heavy economic burden to the family, such as severe cerebral apoplexy sequelae, severe Alzheimer’s disease, severe primary Parkinson’s disease, etc.At the same time, if a serious disease is diagnosed, the patient may not be able to work normally, and the family members need to take care of them for a long time, so in addition to the expenses needed for treatment, the normal income of the family will also be affected.It can be seen that major diseases are “money and death” diseases.If unfortunately diagnosed, for most families, will be a major blow.From the experience of the occurrence of diseases in the past, the risk of the occurrence of major diseases is higher with the increase of age.However, it is worth everyone’s attention that the occurrence of major diseases in China shows a trend of younger people gradually.According to the data disclosed in the National Health Education Reader on Prevention of Major Diseases released by the Chinese Association of Actuaries in early 2021, “Gastric cancer patients aged 19-36 account for 6%-11% of all gastric cancer patients, double the figure 30 years ago.There is also breast cancer, the number one killer of women’s health in China, which increases by 17% every year, and the trend is getting younger, with the peak of breast cancer at the age of 35.Previously in the middle and old age group high incidence of major diseases, has been the “claws” gradually extended to the young and middle-aged crowd.Under the pressure of work, family and society, young and middle-aged people struggle for a better life on the one hand, and meet the challenge of serious disease risk on the other.Advantages of Critical illness Insurance Compared with medical insurance, critical illness insurance has a unique advantage — payment is more direct.After we buy serious disease insurance, as long as the insurant satisfies the claim condition agreed by the contract of serious disease insurance, the insurance company will pay a lump sum insurance gold.You don’t have to wait until the treatment is over, and you don’t have to provide your insurance company with a list of costs.The amount of the claim is related to the amount of insurance selected at the time of insurance, and has nothing to do with the medical expenses paid for the actual treatment.We could use it to pay for medical bills, we could use it to help our families, we could use it to pay for rehabilitation.In short, we can do whatever we want.However, in the purchase of major illness insurance, in the scope of affordable premium, as much as possible to choose a higher amount of insurance, so that if misfortune occurs, can obtain more adequate protection.After all, the treatment of most serious diseases typically costs tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars.If the amount of insurance is not enough, even if the insurance company pays a lump sum of money, it will be a drop in the ocean.As a leading life insurance company, Taikang Life insurance not only exports a series of quality insurance products, but also provides us with “one simple, two warm and three fast” claim service!L “One simple” means one-click application for mobile claim settlement.L “second warm” refers to carnation hospital visit and chronic disease management after compensation.L “three fast” means that the compensation is paid in 20 seconds with the credit of allowance, the compensation is directly paid through the National Health Insurance System, and the case is settled in 2 hours for serious illness.In 2021, Taikang Life Insurance has served 317,500 customers, more than 94,200 carnation claim visiting customers, 7348 serious disease claim service customers, 51,000 chronic disease management service customers, 2383 direct coverage of the National Health Insurance System, and 165,000 customer service customers……This series of figures is the best embodiment of taikang life Insurance’s concept of “honor commitment, care for life” carnation claim service.Critical illness insurance is an effective tool for us to hedge against the risk of disease and the risk of income cliff caused by disease.Although almost everyone has basic medical insurance at present, with adequate and complete commercial health insurance, the body and mind will be more carefree in the age of longevity!Click the picture below to browse taikang Life Insurance 2021 Claims Settlement Annual Report.

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