A formal notice: spring delay school!Zhangzhou school opening time is…

To know the primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the city:For the implementation of provincial, municipal relevant arrangements for peak spring semester back-to-school requirements, according to the fuzhou city bureau of education in fuzhou health committee about 2022 spring semester nucleic acid testing staff and students about the work “(rongping teach ensemble [2022] 9) file spirit, will now city kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in 2022 spring semester time adjustment is as follows:1.Primary school: February 20th, 21st classes;2. Kindergarten: February 23rd, classes on February 24th;3. The opening time of other periods shall be arranged according to the original school calendar.Please adjust the relevant education and teaching plan of 2022 spring semester according to the above schedule.According to the previous arrangement, the holiday and school opening arrangements for different grades in various cities of Fujian are as follows, while the school opening in Fuzhou is basically after February 15.In the notice, the Education Bureau of Fuzhou city only adjusted the opening time of primary school and kindergarten, and the other school sections were arranged according to the original school calendar. Therefore, by default, the opening time of all middle school grades will basically continue after February 15 (except for senior three students, who have returned to school in some areas).How about zhangzhou?At present, there is no notice to adjust the opening time. If there is, xiaobian will timely tell you that the opening time of zhangzhou primary and secondary schools is still subject to the school calendar!Source: Fuzhou Education, Fuzhou Evening News, Fujian Middle School students editor of this issue Ye Qimin, group leader of this issue Dai Lanlan, duty director Chen Yixiong, chief editor Lai Xiongwei, pay attention to Zhangzhou News network

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