On the fifth day of the Spring Festival, every family in northern China eats dumplings with five cold dishes

Today is the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, also known as “Po Wu”.Finished today, this holiday is finished, think of here, feel light sadness, this holiday also te fast, really blink of an eye.In the north of China, especially in Beijing, no matter what traditional festivals you encounter, there is usually one kind of delicacy, namely jiaozi.If big dumpling jiaozi is thirty, then break five dumplings more exquisite, that call hold little mouth, so annual fifth pack dumpling stuffing chop to tinkling fanfare, knead dumplings to pinch points, carefully with the matter, it is said that this can avoid SIMS slanderers, prosperous, right.Without further ado, let’s make dumplings.Pour a jin of flour into warm water several times, stir it into a flocky shape with chopsticks, then knead it into a smooth dough, and put it aside for 20 to 30 minutes, then you can mix the stuffing.Usually we make dumplings are leek eggs or pork cabbage what, because mom does not eat meat, so my home in order to save trouble generally only pack a shrimp stuffing, this change of taste, pack haimi eggs carrot agaric stuffing.Three eggs Fried scattered into the pot and stir-fry chopped out, half carrot root peel wash brush wire, a few with his knife down again into the cooked eggs, scallions, cut a moment into chopped green onion in a bowl, a small piece of cut ginger into, agaric in advance bubble hair wash, dry chopped into control, lotus root peel a wash brush then chop them into silk, carry out the lotus root juice in a bowl,Wash the sea rice twice, drain and put it in a bowl, then mix well. Add 1/3 tablespoon sesame oil, 1/2 tablespoon peanut oil and 5 grams of salt.Stuffing mix well, also to wake up about, the dough can roll paper, every time my family pack dumpling is “collaboration”, my dad is in charge of rolling paper, I and my mother is responsible for the package, and then the family work while chatting, also the feelings of communication, ha ha, although a good chat with me and my mother is easy to argue, but fortunately there are my dad dozen circle field, every time is xi xi ha ha.There is no need to stir-fry dumplings, just prepare a few cold dishes and cooked food is enough, today’s preparation is relatively simple, pine eggs, Beijing time-old Brand Tianfu sauce beef, and cold cabbage and radish, of course, not a bowl of Laba garlic vinegar dipping sauce.Normally vegetarian stuffing dumplings is to eat a fresh, but still used to dumplings dip must put some chili oil, and then a few fried dry pepper, eating is really too sweet.Every time at home to eat dumplings, will unknowingly eat too much, the rest of the dumplings can be fried to eat the next day, is a favorite way to eat.What kind of stuffing do you eat today?Demon night to eat light, love to eat love to play love to travel, love to share with you all the beautiful, like to pay attention to me!​

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