Internet giant Spring Festival Gala “Carnival”

We can see beyond the “red envelope”.Original author whale quotient (ID: bizwhale) | just past the CCTV Spring Festival gala of three rounds, hu Benedict feast “red envelopes”, jingdong is leading role.So far, the Internet market value before (valuation) top five main players, poor group, fight more.In fact, since 2014, this New Year’s Eve indispensable column, witnessed the rise and fall of Internet giants.The distribution of red envelopes is not only an important display of the status and strength of big factories, but also bears the “brand” of the era of game between industry giants.Since the Spring Festival Gala began in 1984, sponsors have become the “killer card” for brands.From Kangbasi watch, Sichuan Tuo brand Qu Wine, Midea, Mengzhilan and other established consumer goods enterprises, to Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Kuaishou, Douyin, and now jingdong and other Internet giants.The heat of the competition for the champion is not reduced in those days, and the history of the industry changes behind it also confirms the course of the vigorous development of China’s economy.From 1984 to 1993, it was the overseas brands that dominated.It wasn’t until 1994 that China Bicycle started to sponsor it, the first combination of Made in China and Chinese brand.Then tuopai, Kongfu wine, Qinchi Tequ due to snatch the champion, fighting for several years.In 1996 or so domestic electronic consumption opened, duan Yongping founded BBK VCD won the bid.And Duan Yongping “high high dozen” hit heavy money to buy brand exposure, time and again.After the millennium, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group and Midea Group entered the bidding competition one after another.Its Chinese and American electrical appliances topped the list for 10 consecutive years, and these 10 years, and the real estate “golden age” echoes.In 2014, Internet giant Tencent entered the fray, opening a new chapter in the race for the top spot.Tencent at that time was not as low-key as it is now.To compete for users with Alipay, Tencent lavishly threw 100 million yuan, in 2014 Spring Festival Gala to raid the hinterland of Alipay by borrowing red envelopes.Since then, wechat Pay has activated more than 8 million users and connected more than 30 million with bank cards.These key measures, for Tencent in the future financial territory tamp solid foundation.See him rise tall building, pay treasure how can sit idly by.In 2016, Alibaba won the main sponsor of the Spring Festival Gala at one fell swoop at a price more than 5 times that of its rivals, and took advantage of the situation to introduce password red envelopes, collection of five blessings and other gameplay.Alibaba continued to sponsor the gala until the Spring Festival in 2018.But as users grew tired of the old game, Alipay handed out more than 1 billion yuan in cash, emptied 1,000 shopping carts and coined the word of the year: “Throw money.”But in fact, wechat and Alipay burn money game, for its later development buried hidden trouble.Under a state policy of anti-trust and common prosperity, Ant was stopped before it went public and Tencent’s financial empire grew too big to ignore before being broken up and overseen.However, the gala money war has never stopped.In the two payment giants with a mobile phone shake, grab red envelopes and other gameplay.In 2019, Baidu joined in, with 900 million RMB, realizing 20.8 billion interactions of Baidu APP red envelope.But that impressive figure didn’t last long.As of February 9, the retention rate of new users on Mobile Baidu was only 2 percent, and financial and mobile services did not make a major breakthrough in the distribution of red envelopes, according to sinofan Research and Innovation Center.In the era of short video, Kuaishou and Douyin each led the trend for a year.In 2019, Kuaishou, struggling both internally and externally, launched a K3 campaign, vowing to sprint to 300 million DAUs.Subsequently, Kuaishou spent a large price to win the 2020 Spring Festival Gala red envelope project.In the end, Kuaishou co-founder Cheng Yixiao once summed up the K3 battle this way: “I’m not satisfied with the result, but I’m satisfied with the process to reach the result.”Douyin will distribute red envelopes in the Spring Festival Gala in early 2021, hoping to make a critical breakthrough for douyin’s e-commerce.But as Tiktok soon found out, it backfired.The development of Douyin e-commerce cannot rely on traffic surge alone. The user mentality, click duration and viewing time required by Douyin need to be explored.In addition, This year, Tik Tok exclusively named liaoning Spring Festival Gala, with skits, songs and dances and live broadcasts to explain social responsibilities such as rural revitalization.We can see their anxiety about subsidence and flow, and their enthusiasm to respond to the call.Back in the competition for the title of this year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala, traditional e-commerce giant took the top spot.Throughout 2021, JINGdong underwent organizational structure adjustment, and Xu Lei, the rotating CEO of Jingdong Mall, was promoted to president of the group.Its logistics and health services have been listed, followed by JD Technology.At the end of the year, after the ups and downs of enhanced supervision and Tencent divestment, JINGdong will finally face the performance of this Spring Festival Gala.According to related reports, the project was led by XU Lei, president of JD Group, and Xin Lijun, CEO of JD Retail. Eight project teams were specially set up to promote related work.Before its debut, and perhaps out of concern about user engagement, had set the event to run from Jan. 24 to Feb. 15, before the Spring Festival and through the Lantern Festival.And set up a simple game links, such as shake a prize, grab a red envelope, etc..Or jingdong does not intend to fight a war, but its ability in technology hard power, attract new retention rate, sinking market share, etc., will inevitably be naked in front of consumers, businesses, investors and peers.Every year, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala is the “fat meat” for established enterprises and Internet giants to throw money at and compete for it.The reasons mainly lie in the enterprises’ flow anxiety, sinking demand, response to the call of common prosperity and other aspects.Spring Festival Gala as a sense of ceremony, the whole people can participate in the program.According to Sinoco Securities Research, the global audience of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala rose from 1.03 billion in 2016 to 1.23 billion in 2020.By 2021, the overall viewership of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala will reach 23.26%, 3 percentage points higher than last year, and the overall viewership share will reach 68%.This is an opportunity for Internet companies in the first and second tier cities whose traffic tends to be saturated and who are in urgent need of a share of the sinking market.The sunken market is the dense area with fans of the Spring Festival Gala, so Internet companies have come up with “unique tricks”, on the basis of giving red envelopes and collecting lucky cards, to mobilize the participation of users in the sunken market and relieve traffic anxiety.This kind of nationwide Internet play, really let the enterprise harvest a wave of good impression.It’s just that, based on past data, a fleece party coming in at twice as fast will leave the platform at twice as fast.In 2016, for example, Alipay tried to join the social fray by gaining 1.1 billion friends through the Gala.However, normal activities lack of refined operation, there is no “data distinction between old and new users”, resulting in the consequences of low efficiency.As time went on, the popularity of the gala gradually dissipated, and the social connections it connected with also disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye.With the help of the Spring Festival Gala, Baidu increased its daily live from 160 million to 300 million. Kuaishou conquered the BATTLE of K3, and the daily live of douyin’s main website reached 580 million.Only later period user stickiness is insufficient, all lose somewhat.However, the Spring Festival Gala can lead the Internet enterprise sprint peak traffic fact, is still an indisputable fact.And, to some extent, the Gala also needs the support of Internet companies.After all, every year there are those who claim that the gala is boring, uninteresting and innovative, and less interactive.The existence of Internet companies can alleviate the embarrassment of the lack of “tricks” to a certain extent.They add a festive atmosphere and attract people’s attention through fresh gameplay and financial support.On the other hand, brands of various categories born in the Internet era will continuously issue coupons and carry out lottery activities during the Gala, which can strengthen the emotional connection with consumers and make the Gala more entertaining.These kinds of gameplay make a lot of users in the sinking market very happy.Their participation in the Spring Festival Gala has expanded from watching on TV, mobile phones and the Internet to now participating in various red envelope activities.This shift in lifestyle requires the CCTV Spring Festival Gala to accurately capture the trend of the wind, and Internet companies to “increase horsepower” in technology.In recent years, the Spring Festival Gala has been applied to VR and AR.Back in 2017, the Gala used VR live streaming.Later, in 2021, Jay Chou’s song “Mojito”, with the use of XR, VR, AR and other technologies, shows the interesting connection between the seaside city and the studio.Thus it can be seen that both virtual character performance and AR scene transformation enable audiences to enjoy audio-visual feast.Behind this is the Internet era, science and technology endowed the gala changes.Jingdong seized the Spring Festival Gala “olive branch”, stable jingdong cloud and other computing power infrastructure, data center resources, system architecture stability, business system deployment capacity optimization, in order to bring consumers smooth interaction, shopping experience.At the same time, LIKE Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Douyin and Kuaishou, JD will explore the needs of users in the sinking market and iterate on its own products.In the past 38 years, the Gala has not stopped advancing with The Times. However, since the formation of netizens’ public opinion position after the millennium, the mocking tone of “The Gala gets worse every year” has become the “main melody” after the end of almost every Gala.The post-00s may not have the “memory of The Times” of the Gala yet, but it does not prevent them from participating in it, and they are happy to investigate the high praise rate in the official name of DISS. The same is true this year.The benefits of “red envelopes” given by Internet giants to hundreds of millions of audiences can not smooth the gap in people’s ridicule of the Spring Festival Gala, but “ridicule” is constantly, which shows that the topic, attention and communication can be transformed into the “influence” required by the business level.Objectively speaking, no matter who will be the director, it is difficult to suit everyone.After all, today is different from the past, more than 30 years ago, the way of public opinion is single, the previous generation of audiences have preconceived, the past “aftertaste” is always worth remembering.A new generation of young people, as the Internet, the spiritual civilization of living in a more open and pluralistic world, their pursuit of “beauty,” and unlike their elders, not easy to please, so a Spring Festival gala should give attention to both “old green, small, medium and the preference of four generations, destined to difficult, and as the spirit of the New Year’s eve gala dinner, but society is energy transfer,More or less with a certain “historical baggage.””Ridicule” does not prevent the “Spring Festival Gala moment is worth gold”, its commercial value, both traditional brands and technology enterprises, are very recognized.”Advertising on THE CCTV Spring Festival Gala is the most cost-effective in terms of input and output,” said Sun Xianhong, vice-president of Mengniu Group.However, in the era of pure brand advertising, performance tracking is impossible.Until the “red envelope” interaction among Internet giants became a tradition, the corresponding commercial value evaluation became more intuitive.A record 1.5 billion yuan worth of red envelopes were distributed through seven rounds of interaction during the 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, with 69.1 billion interactions during the night, according to an official source from, for the first time in the gala’s history, the number of red envelope interactions declined compared with the same period last year.According to information released in previous years, the number of red envelope interactions during the 2019-2021 Spring Festival Gala was 20.8 billion, 63.9 billion and 70.3 billion, respectively.Ti media reported that “the decline in the number of red envelope interactions is due to both JINGdong and Spring Festival Gala.Jingdong hongbao this year, each round of interaction can only grab three times.This measure is to ensure the security of cloud resources by limiting streaming, and to convert the temporary users brought by the Spring Festival Gala into long-term users, so that the money can be spent more effectively.”This objectively reflects that the Internet era has moved from an era of incremental growth to an era of inventory.Looking ahead to the next five years after the Spring Festival Gala, “universe” hard technology will be the “successor” after the Internet factory?At present, there is no definite answer, but at least the content of the current Spring Festival Gala shows a little flavor.

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