Officer xuan!Another Chinese player in NBA all-star!We waited 11 years

The NBL really want to steal the Chinese market with the NBA, engaged in a Spring Festival war, Liu Chuanxing and Zhou Qi all arranged on the same day, let Chinese fans feast their eyes!But the officials are only responsible for the arrangement, and it’s up to the managers of the two teams to implement it.Obviously the bullets coach does not care about what the Spring Festival war, the platoon layout is completely not to face, liu can only get less than two minutes of playing time, 0 shots 0 points 0 boards 0 help, only 1 error on the data column, the team is also 94-102 defeat.However, it is understandable that the opponent is a typical shooting team, Kansas city, a total of 29 shots from the three-point line, including forward Kuhl made eight, this kind of team is the traditional big center nightmare.The comeback zhou qi also had a difficult time, with the Wildcats’ intense charging and other factors, picking up three fouls in the first nine minutes of the first half and being called for another one in the second two minutes, resulting in a 79-101 loss for the Phoenix.Average efficiency, 100% field goal percentage, although only 2 shots, 4 points, 4 rebounds (1 front court), 1 shot, 2 turnovers, 4 foulsBig long arm stretched out, the front board on hand, holding high playing board baskets from good gay friend crick assists, to sell directly after the rule of strong up hands vigorously protester specialty skills must be on the whole, the opponent to the duke guan front dance broadsword, you eat a swept over big hat, light theory of block skill is definitely the NBA level is easy to break,Zhou qi’s biggest problem in the NBL was that he only scored 2 points, 5 rebounds and 0 caps in the last China Derby, which he had been sidelined for nearly a month.Zhou Qi should not be too tired and should not take too much rest, so how to make the best use of him is still a difficult problem.Since talking about overseas players, that in the United States to play zeng Fanbo must also mention.Though he missed out on the All-star Rookie Challenge this year, he was able to represent the Ignite in the NBA’s new rookie fun shooting contest, which will be held before the Finals of the Challenge on Feb. 19.The event featured five points in honor of the 75th anniversary of the game’s top 75 stars: Magic Johnson’s sky-hook shot, Charles Barkley’s arc shot, Ray Allen’s corner three-pointer, Reggie Miller’s 9:8 and Lillard’s George shot.George: I’m here?In doing so, Zeng will become the third Chinese player to be eligible for all-star weekend after Yao Ming (2003-09 and 2011) and Yi yi (2008 Rookie Challenge).Of course, if there is any doubt that he can participate, it is all the NBA officials from the Consideration of the Chinese market, it is not wrong, after all, his performance in the Ignite team is not outstanding.But what about that? It’s not a black curtain.It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Zeng, who has one of the few moments he gets to be on camera around the world, to make an impression and add to his roster this summer.High on the top is the exclusive high order show, as the end of the second round are not safe, appropriate “go down the back door” is necessary!

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