Hong Kong media: Tiger gold products are expected to be popular

The Year of the Tiger is expected to be a very good one for gold ornament retailers, industry insiders say, as the big cat is the second most popular animal in the Chinese zodiac.The tiger, second only to the dragon in the Chinese zodiac, is expected to lead to a rapid growth in sales of gold products made for the year of the tiger, the report said.Since early January, jewelry stores in Hong Kong have been offering a wide range of year of the Tiger gold products, including coins, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, gold bars and other crafts, to replace the ox with the tiger as the year of the Ox draws to a close.”Of the 12 zodiac gold products, the tiger is the second most popular, after the dragon.Therefore, sales of gold coins and other products in the Year of the Tiger are expected to be higher than the previous year.”The Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange is the gold exchange where most of the local jewellery makers trade.Spring Festival is the most important festival for Chinese, the report said.Chinese people buy gold jewelry, coins and other handicrafts associated with the Chinese zodiac before or during the Spring Festival.Huang Lanshi, executive director and vice president of Luofu Group, said customers like to buy gold products related to the Chinese zodiac as birthday gifts, wedding gifts or gifts for themselves because they believe it will bring good luck and wealth.So tiger is the logical choice for the next 12 months.International jewelry manufacturers are also launching gold ornaments for the Year of the Tiger for the Chinese New Year.”It’s a common trend in terms of designing gold handicrafts based on zodiac signs, with all the leading mints and processing plants launching products specifically for the Lunar New Year,” said Joshua Lotbart, managing partner of Noble Gold Group.Other countries around the world have also introduced collectable tiger coins, the report said.The Royal Mint has unveiled a giant 8kg gold coin that took 200 hours to make.Prices vary according to custom requirements.The Royal Mint has also reportedly produced a number of smaller Year of the Tiger coins, including a £670 quarter ounce gold coin, a £2,505 one ounce coin and a £11,430 five ounce coin.The People’s Bank of China also issued a set of tiger coins in November 2021, the report said.The set of gold and silver coins includes a refined 10kg gold coin.A staff member shows gold jewelry of the Chinese zodiac in the Year of the Tiger at a store in Renhuai city, Southwest China’s Guizhou Province, Jan 26, 2022.Vision China

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