Did anyone get 147 on an English test?Yes, senior through hard study and training, to 147 points

In 2019, I scored 147 points in the national College Entrance Examination, which was one tenth of 10,000 points in Hunan Province. In fact, I have hardly been below 140 since my senior year in high school. However, I did not have this score at the beginning, but gradually climbed up.At the beginning of the first year of senior high school, the monthly exam was only about 125, which was quite high at that time. After all, the monthly exam in school was quite scary, but it was still far from 140. After the exam, I found the teacher to analyze the reading and grammar blanks, and immediately began to practice.There are many ways to read words.Usually morning self-study very loud reading, even if the other students are watching do not care, after all, reading is the best way to concentrate.In addition, I will do 3 reading questions every day. I will change them immediately after I finish them. If I don’t understand anything, I will go to the teacher to ask.So after a semester, a next semester began to steady at more than 130, but was not in 140, when the thought is not urgent, after all the tests of 130 already in grade is high, and then slowly not English, math, science, after all, life is very terrible, is also to listen to English class at ordinary times, followed the teaching schedule in high school, memorizing words is only 2 from three storeys,Head teacher called me in the past, the paper analyzes the comprehensive scores, tell me, if want to go to a top university, English in front of the three to 140, was scared, and then to find English teacher talk, analyzing the grammar is a little big, and then went on the market to buy a very common pocket grammar book, see every day, every day 4 or 5 times back and forth,In the second semester of my sophomore year, I began to touch 140.Floating at that time of a batch, because the month takes an examination of 140 in grade is ok single red list (first 3), begin to feel English is no problem again.And then suddenly one day, the English teacher call me in the past, let me attend school spelling contest (similar to the Chinese character dictation contest), then only a month away from competition, in order not to disgrace really desperate, in the class recess and physical education are in high school, 3500 words, because the truth before that I never remember the words seriously,In the end, I won the spelling contest in grade 3, grade 7 of the school. Although my ranking was mediocre, it really brought a huge improvement in my vocabulary. I also felt much more comfortable in finishing reading, and my speed and accuracy rate were improved a lot, which began to stabilize above 140.In the second monthly exam in the first semester of senior three, I got 147.5 out of nowhere. The English team was shocked at that time, because the exam was quite difficult. At that time, I had an idea.I went to find the English teacher, with him very seriously said, I want to get province one thousand, how to do, he looked at my paper, said your composition is not good, to the college entrance examination may deduct more than 5 points.I panic at that time, 145 is impossible to have province 1/10,000, how to do?Practice writing and memorizing sentence patterns.In the winter vacation of senior three, I took a piece of white paper every day and copied the fonts of students with excellent grades in school. I copied them for 40 minutes every day.On the third day, the font became stable, so I copied the textbook and memorized the advanced sentence patterns in the text. By the fifth day, the font was better.Then is learn advanced patterns, to go on the market to buy a book is very thick, 3500 words, each word has a corresponding below very detailed usage, there is no lack of among them a lot of advanced usage, with loose sign (very small), see a feel good just write down, English lesson every day also don’t listen, just look at the word usage, monthly exam in the outside also don’t look at other,Just look at these loose sheets, piece by piece.By the time of the three mock exams, it had stabilized at about 145, and my mind was gradually reassured.The afternoon of the real college entrance examination actually had a little collapse, because the question of the college entrance examination was more difficult than I imagined, there was no way at this time, only to stabilize their hearts.Written by about 20 minutes before the exam. And check the full filling 6 or 7 times, check the vomit, hazelnut, sat there stunned, reminiscing about a wonderful high school three years, how to remember three, memories in April monthly exam big mistakes when cry tore heart crack lung hiding in the toilet, only a little more than a month to get a to adult men sitting in the room was almost cry.After leaving the examination room, I felt that I should have one out of ten thousand, but I was not sure. My score was 147 on June 22.A good knowledge of English is of great help to our attitude is, in fact, because English is the last door, my in the mind clear, no matter how poor I front of several exam, a door I can pull the score back in English, so even though the university entrance exam next morning heald collapsed, attitude, also not much in the afternoon, the final 147 English is indeed save 60 points of chemistry,In the end, my total score was over 620, and I entered an ace major in a good university with the help of 20 points lower than that of the high-level art troupe. Many people may ask why I am obsessed with 1/10,000 of English.Actually one of ten thousand is can have the opportunity that chooses major more, and almost every 985/211 can have this plan, one of ten thousand only can have the major with the best likelihood on casting gear line, it is a very choice indeed.

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