DNF: Hanbok pet system is getting a makeover!Will it be introduced on Chinese server?

Author: Magic Girl QB Pet revision common items * added new items.* Pet Soul – Pet Soul is a new currency material that uses various pet-related features in NPC Olan Gran.- Pet soul is in the form of account binding, which can be confirmed on the pet page of the backpack.- How to obtain ㄴ After equipping the pet, you can obtain the pet soul for every certain amount of satiety consumed.〴 Get 1 pet soul for every 30 satires.The pet soul can be added through the send pet function of Olan grandma.- Use first ㄴ pet summoning ㄴ pet awakening ㄴ Pet awakening attribute conversion ㄴ Pet awakening skill acquisition/conversion ㄴ Shorten pet equipment making time * Pet growth capsules – After using pet growth capsules, gain 100 experience points per capsule.- Pet growth capsules can also be obtained after using The Olam Grandma pet send function, and the corresponding number of capsules can be obtained according to the pet growth degree sent.ㄴ Pet Growth capsules cannot be traded and can be confirmed and used on the Warehouse-pet-Consumables page.* Added and removed items from the pet menu for Grandma Olan in the West Coast region.- Add ㄴ pet call ㄴ Pet management (pet awakening/attribute conversion/awakening skills) ㄴ pet send ロ make pet equipment ㄴ Decompose pet equipment – Delete pet call in The Store of Pet equipment * Add pet call system.- The following materials are required to perform pet summoning.ㄴ Pet soul 400 ㄴ300,000 gold * When you summon a pet through the pet summon system, you will get a pet from the summon list depending on the probability.- Each time you summon a pet, you can accumulate 1 selection point, and when you reach 200, you can get the selected pet gift box.ロ Reputation points are initialized at the end of the selected Pet availability cycle or after picking up the optional gift box. Select points will not be initialized when picking up selected pets in Pet Call.- Select Pets are pets that can only be obtained by pet call during a specific period of time.- Select pets can not be traded, unlimited limit.Pet sending * New pet sending system.- Use this feature through Olan Grandma.- Limit pets when not available.- When using the Pet Send function, you can obtain 100 ~ 300 pet souls depending on the individual chance.- When using the pet send function, you can get the corresponding number of pet growth capsules according to the growth level of the pet.Pet Awakening * Added a new pet awakening system.- Use this feature through Olan Grandma.- In addition to time limit pets, you can use the pet awakening and skill learning functions.- Pets can now be awakened when they reach level 50.* after awakening, the maximum growth level for pets has been expanded from 50Lv to 110Lv.* The following materials are required to use the pet wake function.- 300 pet souls – 750,000 gold * After the pet awakens, the following effects apply.- Pet maximum Level Expansion (50Lv to 110Lv)- 1 pet awakening skill can be learned ㄴ No awakening skill is attached to initial awakening.- gain 2 pet awakening abilities based on independent chance – for each additional 5Lv of a pet, adventurer fame +10- pet satiation costs 3 times as much as it used to.* The following materials are required to use the Pet Awakening skill conversion function.* The pet Awakening skill, which can be cast with the left Shift key, consumes pet soul when cast.* Added cooldown information for awakening abilities to the dungeon screen.* After your pet is awakened, the following waking skills can be learned.Pet awakening is calculated * on pet awakening. Two kinds of pet awakening are calculated according to different odds.* The ability values available are as follows.- There are no two identical property values on pet arousal.* Pet awakening can be converted by Oran grandma.- The following materials are required for pet attribute conversion.ㄴ Pet Soul 30 ㄴ 100,000 gold Common items for pet equipment revision * Existing pet equipment that is available is no longer available.* Changed in pet equipment instructions.* Pet equipment related terms are unified as pet equipment.* When killing monsters, you can get rare new pet equipment depending on the chance.- Level 1 to 60 castles can now acquire pet equipment at level 10 to 50.- 60 to the highest level of the city can obtain equipment level 60 to 110 pet equipment.* All new pet gear will have equipped character levels and equipped pet levels.* Pet equipment can be repackaged with gold wax.- Necessary materials: gold beeswax 4 * New pet equipment is divided into rare and artifact 2 grades.* Color and rarity attributes are as follows.- All attributes except some pet attributes apply to the current equipped character.- The same attribute will not be assigned twice.· Refer to the following table for the range of ice value of each pet’s equipment color and equipment grade.- Equal probability of occurrence of all values.- The change units of the property values vary according to the type and level of equipment.* Red Pet equipment (10 ~ 50)* Red Pet equipment (60 ~ 110)* Blue Pet equipment (10 ~ 50)* Blue Pet equipment (60 ~ 110)* Green Pet equipment (10 ~ 50)* Green Pet equipment (60 ~ 110)* The fixed attributes of each artifact pet equipment are as follows.Break down pet gear * Use the break down feature through Olan Grandma.- Pet equipment that has been disassembled by other means will also receive pet equipment materials in addition to the materials already obtained.* Pet equipment materials are bound to the account.아티펙 아티펙 제작* Use this feature through Olan Grandma.- When making pet equipment, you can obtain more than 50Lv of rare ~ magical pet equipment according to the odds.* You can create 4 pet items at a time.* Pet gear takes 8-16 hours to make, and the longer it lasts, the higher the chance of high rarity.* The following materials are required to make 1 pet outfit 1.- 100 pieces of original pet equipment – 100,000 gold * Pet equipment in production, can be used to speed up.- 5 pet spirits per hour of acceleration.- Anything less than an hour counts as an hour.Pet map

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