We haven’t seen it in ten years

Theme abstract: The Chinese New Year, the stock market sharply killed, this signal is unusual.To know that we are a country of moral etiquette, in front of such a major festival, even if the financial will make index better.However, it did not happen this time. On the contrary, it dropped sharply before the Chinese New Year, which has never been seen in the past decade. Even in 2018 and 2020, it was still a week before the Chinese New Year.Backtracking: The previous story about the top began to value the stock market, critical of the backbone of institutions.But it didn’t seem to work. The stock market was as thin as ever, and as smooth as ever.In recent years, the hype has led people to believe that only retail can make the stock market go up. However, this is a paradox. Instead of making the stock market go up, every time there is a wind, the volatility is more severe than before.Li can look at the eyes of a piece of green, although not thousands of shares limit, but life and death thousands of shares limit.This uncontrolled fall, has completely destroyed the market once again the foundation for improvement, in the short term if there is no particularly strong good, may be this bottom of the pace will not stop.In the past, when retail investors could compete with institutional power, this would not have been the case.At that time, there would be adjustments, but the time was always very short, and there were always active funds to maintain the atmosphere of the market during the adjustment. However, since the slogan of de-retailization came out, this situation has undergone a fundamental change.The past short time adjustment, has become a blunt knife cut meat, the plate rotation has become a part of the institutional partnership cut leek solo, a few plate rose in a row, some public funds and private equity and capital joint bureau, harvest leek, which is unimaginable in the past, also dare not imagine.I believe experienced that period of old investors, can feel, retail and institutional strength is equal, is the best result of the market.Li Can still be in a daze when the master called.I only heard the teacher on the other end of the phone sighed: “Recently the market is really no morality, even the Chinese New Year in the heart of the sacred position of the festival, dare to conduct business like this, it can be seen that things began to become weird.Li Neng wondered what his master might know and asked, “Master, is this major adjustment simply caused by capital, or is there a bigger situation?”The master smiled, “What do you think?We can only say that this game is very serious, not only the game of money, but also the game of the overall situation, which involves a lot of things, you understand.”Yeah, this thing is so weird, it hasn’t happened in the last 10 years, or even in the extended time frame, almost.Even in 2018, when China was in a trade war with the United States, we waited until the New Year to make adjustments. At that time, we were still at a slight disadvantage. So why can’t we do that this time?It seems that as shifu said, this behavior may not only be a game of capital, but also a game in a larger direction.So what’s the biggest possibility?Continuous governance after the New Year of 2022, a lot of illegal workers, as well as finance continue to snort and staff turnover, as is the recent thing, more on the general direction, is the sustained by raising interest rates and the friction between the manufacturing areas, do all the clues to link up, lee can seem to understand what!

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