Up 200 yuan/ton!Even crazier after the Spring Festival?Corn went up overnight!The latest corn market is attached

Increase in the price of domestic corn overnight emergency dozens of deep-processing enterprises increase amount up to nearly 3 cents per tonne, although this year than last year, corn prices movements in shandong district and even in a wide range of that paragraph of time also appeared a continuous decline, but this time the “night” in corn prices in shandong during the twelfth month record at the same time,Also let us see the 2021 domestic corn market prices and confidence in the late price.According to unsafe data statistics, in recent days the northeast and Shandong regions of corn prices have reached the largest cumulative increase of about 200 yuan per ton.Now, the purchase price of individual deep processing enterprises in Shandong has reached 1.4 yuan per catty;The high price of corn in northeast China also stood at 1.295 yuan per catty.Shandong area has more than 20 deep processing prices, 11 of them a day twice increased the purchase price, the increase is 2 points, the biggest increase is Linqing De Nengjin rose 2 points 7 percent, the price of the previous day 1.303 yuan/catty, rose to 1.33 yuan/catty yesterday.A single rise in 12 enterprises, the rise of the basic are more than 1 point, according to statistics, the morning shandong deep processing to the factory of 64 vehicles, compared with the previous day to reduce 140 vehicles, the amount of continuous reduction, resulting in deep processing to take a rise again rise method stimulation.As a result of the relaxation of financial policies, brought the corn market in the spring, so we are marked to purchase, lest we fall behind, there are currently a number of enterprises issued a holiday notice, if you do not have a holiday, do not exclude some declared holiday enterprises may also work overtime holiday acquisition.Heng Ren industry and trade: up 1 points, acquisition price 1.40/ catty, Shao Tuan depot temporarily closed.Yucheng Bowling Bao: up 1 point, 16.6 water above the price of 1.36 yuan/jin, 16.5 water below the price of 1.38 yuan/jin.Medium grain starch: increased by 1.5 points, the purchase price of moisture less than 23% (including 23) is 1.35 yuan/jin, the purchase price of moisture more than 23% is 1.335 yuan/jin.Two, an enterprise in Heilongjiang for 4 days in a row the price of northeast enterprises is still based on the Heilongjiang region, a total of 5 enterprises price, Qinggang Longfeng has been four days in a row, the price of the 5 enterprises tide grain generally rose, the increase from 3 percent to 1 cent, indicating that traders and deep processing are interested in tide grain.At present, the northeast corn has been selling more than half, no form selling pressure, under the condition of no increase in demand expected, corn gap still, just not so obvious, in the near future, all parties are on the purchase, or the years ago in a small high tide, anything is possible, spring corn will full of sunshine, with the arrival of the spring throttle also look at follow-up.(1) Heilongjiang Longfeng Company: At 7:25 on January 23, 2022, the purchase price of corn will be adjusted to 1.187 yuan per catty, up 5 percent.30% water 0.959 yuan/catty, up 4 %.(2) Heilongjiang Jingliang Longjiang Biology: At 7:30 on January 23, 2025, the purchase price of corn will increase by 3 percent and be adjusted to 1.182 YUAN/jin uniformly.30% water 0.955 yuan/catty, up 2 %.(3) Heilongjiang Suihua Haotian: up 0.3 points, tidal grain 14 water purchase price 1.195/ catty, 30% water purchase price 0.966/ catty (4) Heilongjiang Suihua Xiangyu up 5 percent, 30% water 0.95 yuan/catty.The strike price of Yu King corn in Kailu, Inner Mongolia is increased 5 % strike price 1.25 yuan/catty at 7:40 am January 23rdThree, enterprises during the Spring Festival normal purchase, after the Spring Festival will the price of food will soar?Inner Mongolia Hulun Buir Northeast Fufeng Biotechnology Co., LTD. (Zhalantun Gourmet Factory) in order to facilitate the majority of farmer friends during the Spring Festival to sell grain, our company during the Spring Festival normal purchase of corn, hope the majority of grain friends know!Can be seen from this that everyone in the battle, and tide food sold more than half, only some large amount of surplus, with most years ago has been selling quite a few, the rest is a relatively safe high quality dry food, these are the traders of all stripes, deep processing enterprises, medium grain storage and workforce focus of perhaps receive food force enterprise to join the New Year’s day holiday.Will corn prices skyrocket after Spring Festival?Industry analysis of 3 positive factors, may be able to drive a wave of market:A change, market sentiment, corn purchase enthusiasm raise two, after the Spring Festival corn supply pressure is big minus three has also started to get strong, the market demand of corn grain prices after the Spring Festival, the situation becomes in moving in the right direction, but also should pay attention to the change of the weather, in case of rapid heating up, corn prices or will change again.

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