Goodbye Nets!Goodbye Harden!5 for 2 deal official, Simmons confirmed to join Durant!

Brooklyn finally agreed to a 5-for-2 trade with Philadelphia just before the trade deadline.Brooklyn sent Harden, Millsap and acquired Simmons, Steph Curry, Jon Trang and two first-round picks from Philadelphia.After the deal is made, Harden will say goodbye to the Nets, and Simmons will officially join durant.After the deal was made, commentator Kendrick Perkins said Philadelphia had the best tandem in the game of basketball in Embiid and Harden.As for Philly, team reporters have already begun to envision the future starting lineup of Harden, Embiid, Sabre, Harris and Maxie.For Philly, the deal is a big boost.Simmons has never played this season, and Embiid has anchored his team to the top of the Eastern Conference.As for the Nets, they assembled what may be the most short-lived trio in NBA history, with Harden, Irving and Durant’s trio not appearing in more than 20 games together.Simmons has been in talks with Durant, according to reports, and Brooklyn will form a trio of Simmons, Irving and Durant, with Harden teaming up with Embiid.In addition, the media pointed out that the next, the Nets will give Simmons certain time to adapt to the team.It’s worth noting that after the deal was made, thunder reporters started making fun of Durant, saying that only Curry could help durant win a championship.

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